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Returning to Juan Fernando and Spain to train in India: “My assistant told me I had 10 minutes to pick something up”


29/04/2021 –

LAn epidemic is harmful India. In the country they went to 12,000 cases daily Four weeks ago 300,000 now. Health officials around the world are working to control the virus that causes persistent pain.

“Everything you see on TV is true. Lack of oxygen and they burn people on the same streets. You see it all, you lose the desire to eat. This is a very complicated situation,” he told Marga. Spanish coach Juan Fernando.

Producer, ex Volos, Linares, Cultural, Ercotellis and Sheriff Traspole, Join us this Thursday 12 noon from Paris Airport, He stops returning to Spain: “I collect suitcases. In a little while I will take the plane to Barcelona. Everything was so fast. Yesterday we had a press conference at the hotel before a Champions League game and my assistant told me it would be 10 minutes to take something and go by taxi. I left Goa and fled to New Delhi. He went to see me on the plane from thinking about the game. “Fortunately he landed in Barcelona early in the morning without much difficulty.

“You see the situation the country enjoys, it’s scary. I’m lucky because I lived in a locked hotel and only went out for training or sports. It had a lot of security measures and a good setup. Even so I caught the virus in mid-March and I don’t know if it came in contact with an employee or someone from the hotel, I spent 15 days with fatigue and muscle aches. It shows that even if you take many steps, you will not be able to catch it. But, fortunately, nothing happened to me from any other world, “said the talented 40-year-old Spanish coach. Football Club Goa Indian Super League, the first team to play ‘Champions Acidica’.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen to me right now. I’m out of place a little bit right now.

About the future, not everything is known. “I don’t know what’s going to happen to me now. I’m not in a little place at the moment. I do not think football or anything can be restructured. I think the trophies, league and Champions League will be canceled. It seems crazy to tell the club what is going to happen now. The first thing is health, families have oxygen and can reduce the number of infections, ”says one who is not much affected by returning to our country.

Some activities

“I took no special action to return to Spain. I only took the test, I have a tracking processor. From tomorrow they will shut everything down, people will have problems. That’s why they told me to go back now. They will close everything at 12 noon today, “adding someone who, despite the circumstances, feels lucky and thanks the club for the added treatment.” I was lucky to be able to participate in the group stage of the champions. I am very happy in India. This is the first time a team from this country has entered the tournament, but the emphasis is on it. We are an epidemic and everyone’s health is important. I hope this can be repeated with the general public and under normal circumstances. But now the most important thing is health, “he concludes.

Virus in India

Status of corona virus in India Especially delicate. The country handles over 300,000 cases a day and many more France, Germany and the United StatesThey have sent medical supplies to prevent the play from becoming too big. Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, He did not hide the harsh reality that his comrades live. “We are facing a storm of contagion. Our confidence soared after facing the first wave successfully, but it shook the nation.”, Trademark.

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