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Report reveals 15-inch MacBook Air editing window, M2 Max core count

Report reveals 15-inch MacBook Air editing window, M2 Max core count

Zoom / An Apple-made image of the 13.6-inch MacBook Air was revealed earlier this week.


Apple is working on a 15-inch MacBook Air and a new 12-inch MacBook, according to BloombergCiting sources familiar with Apple’s plans. Sources have also revealed details about the upcoming M2 family chipset for Apple’s high-performance MacBook Pro computers.

The 15-inch Air will use the same overall design as 13.6-inch MacBook Air It was revealed at the company’s WWDC keynote on Monday. That means an ultra-slim design with no tapers, plus a screen notch and keyboard with function keys and Touch ID. The laptop is expected to use the same M2 processor found in its younger brother.

Sources say the new laptop could arrive as soon as possible in the spring of 2023. They also say Apple is working on a 12-inch MacBook that could arrive in late 2023 or early 2024 — but that device is far enough away that it’s still Apple could abandon its plans.

While it’s not entirely clear who will design a 12-inch laptop for service, the 15-inch computer could fill an obvious gap in Apple’s lineup for users who want a bigger screen but don’t need or want to spend nearly $3,000 for the highest level of the performance.

But Bloomberg’s sources also have news for those who an act You want a faster MacBook. New iterations of the MacBook Pro with chips based on Apple’s second-generation M2 could arrive as early as this fall, but they could slip into early 2023. When they arrive, though, they’ll offer expanded cousins ​​to the M2 just like previous models. Which I used with the M1 Pro and M1 Max chip.

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Specifically, the M2 Max is said to have 12 CPU cores and up to 38 GPU cores, which is a step above the M1 Max’s 10 CPU and 32 GPU cores. Apple claimed at its event this week that the M2 only offers a 20 percent increase in performance over the M1. While it’s impossible to say anything with certainty from the underlying counts alone, details in the Bloomberg report suggest a similar potential performance bump for the new MacBook Pro.

Bloomberg’s sources also indicate that Apple is testing the Mac mini and Mac Pro models, but they don’t go into details about the products.

Meanwhile, Apple’s 13.6-inch MacBook Air is expected to begin shipping next month, at least a full month after the product was unveiled at WWDC. The delay is related to the widely reported global supply chain constraints.