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NFL: AUG 07 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training Camp

Report: Gap in training camp unrelated to health of Tom Brady or his family

USA Today Sports

pirate quarterback Tom Brady He started at least a 10-day break from his team’s training camp this week. It’s a gap that, according to the team, was previously identified.

The only reason given for Brady leaving the team was “personal reasons”. This sparked a lot of speculation about what the personal reasons were.

Rick Stroud from Tampa Bay Times Stating that “[t]decided to leave He has nothing to do Brady’s health or the health of his family members.”

So it looks like it was really just a break from the mills training camp for the 45-year-old quarterback.

It’s unclear whether Brady specifically negotiated camp leave when he was not retired, or if it did after that. Regardless, the Bucs aren’t about to say no to the guy who puts up lately in the seats and points at the board and, eventually, cash in the cupboards.

He will be back in three weeks to prepare for the regular season opener. And while it would be human nature for some of those left behind by Brady’s absence, it’s one of the benefits of being the best ever. In fact, most teams would rather have Brady with a 10-day break in camp than any quarterback with #nodaysoff.

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