March 21, 2023

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Renault Duster may return to India in its new generation – also made in Brazil – 16 Valves

New Duster

CMost surprisingly, it announced that it had discontinued the Duster in India after a significant decline in its sales in recent years, and decided to focus on the lower segment, both the Triper minivan and the Gigger A-SUV, the Quid-derived variants of the Triper Minivan and the Gigger A-SUV. Has been amassing thousands of orders. With the more affordable prices for 4-meter-long vehicles in the Asian country, the B-SUV’s sales decline is due to its age, as it continues to improve, but market itself as the first generation. Obviously, the Diamond brand wants to change this situation and is already considering a return to the third generation of the Duster, in full development.

Despite the uncertainty of what will happen in India after its discontinuation at first, as there is no other product to replace it, the brand has defined its position and will not give up as Duster will return to India between 2023 or 2024. , Now fully updated and, in addition, will be of great importance to our region: the company confirmed the installation of the CMF-B operating system in Brazil days ago.

According to sources close to Autocar India, Renault is already working on a third-generation B-SUV, and by Dacia it will have an adaptation to developing countries: the architecture used is the CMF-B LS, a simplified variant of the traditional CMF-B. , Which is similar to the strategy used by Volkswagen with the MQB-A0 and MQB A-00 or MQB-A0 IN operating systems. That is, despite the differences in equipment for maintaining an affordable price, the basis is the same globally. The formula is always the same, although slightly more refined than the current design, it is a design that seeks to express consistency, while at the same time being inspired by the Dacia Pixter product and maintaining the best price / product ratio.

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These data are in line with what the European media has been expecting since last year: the introduction of a new emissions regulation that will fully enable manufacturers to bet on electrified dynamics should accelerate the growth of the Renault-controlled Roman brand. The third generation B-SUV will use the CMF-B operating system instead of the current B0. In addition, it will bring additional improvements in safety – which continues to be one of the points for improving the current – as it will allow driver assistance to be incorporated.

As we have already pointed out, if this project is implemented in India, it will be re-developed in Brazil, where production of Pixter and other products from both Renault and Nissan in the CMF-B framework is also planned. Meanwhile, the current duster still has many years to go.