February 7, 2023

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Drag Race UK vs. the World Episode 4 Elimination Leaves Everyone Gagged

Release date: When will the final episodes premiere?

Ruth Langmore’s epic wave of revenge will begin this spring.

Netflix announced on Wednesday that the second part of OzarkThe fourth and final season of seven episodes will be released on April 29, nearly three months after the first part was dropped on the streaming device. (Watch a teaser for the final installment of episodes above.)

As showrunner Chris Mundy recently revealed to TVLine, Part Two will begin where the end of Part One left off – with Ruth Julia Garner in Warpath after The brutal murder of her cousin Wyatt. The EP shared: “We pick up right away.” “We will deceive everyone if we get past the emotional place we have been in [at the end of Episode 7]. “

The final episodes will also bring a solution to the Byrdie family’s fast-paced car wreck that was disturbed in the Season 4 premiere. As Mundy explained in January, the ambiguity surrounding the exact timing of the accident was deliberate.

“There’s a feeling in our show all the time where anything can happen at any time, and I love that anxiety,” he told us. “We felt like people [watching the Season 4 premiere] It may be confused with a split second, but then when a file [action cuts immediately] To Mexico they realized it [it was a flash-forward]. But we didn’t want to do more calculations for them.”

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