June 7, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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‘Redsticks’ historic win against India in the Pro League

LTo do Complete female Spanish team, ‘Redsticks’, I had historic success 3-4 in the second game of the two games associated with the FIH Pro LeagueWill play at the ground against India this weekend Kalingam of Bhuvaneswar (Odisha, India).

Spain I came back with ambition At the Kalinga Stadium and, in the lyrical drama of his attack, Spanish, Becova Garcia He scored 0-1 in 4 minutes. Shortly afterwards, in the only action match with the Asian team at risk, Kumari Sangeeta returned the balance to the scoreboard (1-1, 10 minutes).

Players of Adrian Lock continued to play well, despite the setbacks on the scoreboard And gets new opportunities from the penalty spot and circulates fluidly. In one of them, Maialen GarcĂ­a deflected the ball with his stick and sent it to the back of the opponent’s goal (1-2, 15 minutes).

At In the second set, India were tied again (2-2, 22 minutes).. But then again, the Hispanic offensive game continued to create opportunities. One of them is a Belen IglesiasEventually declared the best player of the clash, he led the Locken women back into the match with a shot loaded with quality and accuracy (2-3, 24 minutes).

When we crossed the equator everything continued under the same letter. Spanish women dominate and create opportunities. Many penalties, including stroke, can extend income. It was not like that, already entered the final 15 minutes, the score was still tight.

He andToppo Namitha equalizes for India (3-3, 49 minutes). Despite the return of the tables, nothing changed in the blue path of the Odisha region and the penalties turned in favor of Spain.

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Georgina Oliva, who celebrates 250 caps today, played without any effect. But, with 20 seconds left until the final whistle, Xantal Gin sent the ball into the box, ensuring Spain’s victory (3-4, 60 min).