June 4, 2023

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Rangers announces a series of roster moves

Rangers announces a series of roster moves

Today, Rangers announced a stack of roster moves, as well as two moves announced after yesterday’s game. Last night, left hand Taylor Hearing and player Ezequiel Duran They were selected on Triple-A Round Rock. Today, a third opening was created when he was the right hand Matt Bush He was placed on the casualty list for 15 days, retrospectively to 25 June, with right forearm pain. Those holes will be filled Stephen DuggarAnd the Glen Otto And the Josh Spurs. Duggar was recently acquired from giants in the trade. Otto has been recalled from COVID IL while Sborz has been recalled from Round Rock. In order to unlock a place in the 40-man list for Otto, the right-handed DeMarcus Evans It is set to waive.

Evans, 25, was the 25th-round pick for Rangers in 2015. He was added to the team’s 40-player roster prior to the 2019 Rule 5 Draft. His last start in A-ball was back in 2017, as He’s been just a loyal player ever since. He scored 30 1/3 the MLB round during 2020 and 2021 using a 4.75 ERA. He achieved a healthy clip of 27.6% in that sample, despite a walking rate of 11.9% and a globe rate of 20.5%.

He has generally done well with minors but poor results so far this year. With Round Rock’s 12 runs, he has a 7.50 ERA. He still takes penalties 29.8% of the time, but has a 24.6% walking rate and an 11.5% ball rate. He’s in his final year of selection, which means the team he acquires can hide him in Triple-A for the rest of the year, provided they’re willing to give him a spot on the 40-player roster.

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As for Bush, 36, the news of the forearm pain is ominous, especially given his long history of injury. In 2018, he underwent surgery to deal with a torn ligament and tried to come back in the latter half of 2019. At that point, he suffered a ruptured UCL and required Tommy John surgery, the second time he would have the procedure. Rangers signed him on a two-year deal to cover his rehab during 2020 and a final return in 2021. The folded strain on him was limited to just four rounds last year, after which he was fired and then re-signed to another minor league deal by Rangers. He made the opening day roster this year and threw 26 2/3 innings with a 4.05 ERA rate, 31.3% strike rate, 6.1% walking average, and 36.8% volley average. He has emerged as a hugely influential option for the club, having saved him eight times a season.

The club has not given any estimates of his absence and will surely be subject to further tests. Evan Grant from the Dallas Morning News He says the move is being described as a “precaution” but also adds that the club was insisting that Bosch was not injured as recently as yesterday. More news will certainly be coming out in the coming days, although Bosch has now thrown in just over 30 full rounds over the past four years due to ongoing gun issues, which makes it fair to question how much he can count on the Rangers going forward. For what it’s worth, Bush himself doesn’t seem overly concerned, he says Levi Weaver Athlete He only needs a few days off. Director Chris Woodward says the weary Bulls couldn’t give a place on the list to an unavailable savior, which necessitated the status of IL.

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