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Randy Gregory teases Dallas Cowboys, 'toxic fan base' on Twitter

Randy Gregory teases Dallas Cowboys, ‘toxic fan base’ on Twitter

Earlier in the week, Randy Gregory turned down the Dallas Cowboys and agreed to a deal with the Denver Broncos.

On Sunday, Gregory took to Twitter to rub some salt into the wound.

It all started with a simple tweet from Gregory.

“All opinions don’t pay my bills,” Gregory said. It escalated to Gregory criticizing both his former team and his fan base.

“You guys have acted in bad faith and are all free agency,” Gregory said in a now-deleted tweet. “They’ve been so quiet lately, haven’t they? I wonder why… I can’t wait for you guys to ask them the same questions!”

Another Cowboys fan commented that Gregory seemed upset.

“Nah. This is their toxic fan base that they believe in[s] “I owe them and their team something,” Gregory said.

Double up on his fan base comment in another tweet.

“Let’s be honest, they always will [be] toxic; Gregory: Come now.

It was no secret that the Cowboys’ failed attempt to re-sign Gregory was unusual.

Gregory had first agreed to a five-year, $70 million ($28 million guaranteed) deal with the Cowboys. The team even posted a tweet announcing its return to Dallas.

Then Gregory changed his mind, Choosing to sign the same deal with Bronco. The Cowboys deleted their tweet shortly after it was posted as The Broncos and others have taken over Dallas on Twitter.

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The decision to move from Dallas to Denver stemmed from A Disagreement over some language in Gregory’s contract.

Gregory has objected to a provision in the contract that would allow the club to void the deal should he be fined or suspended, sources said. Dallas Morning News. Sources said language is the standard in every Cowboys contract, with the exception of quarterback deal Dak Prescott.

When he wasn’t suspended or injured, Gregory showed promise in Dallas, but he didn’t play a full NFL season in his career. He hit a career high with six sacks last season while making 19 tackles with 17 quarterbacks.

Since being selected by the Cowboys in the second round of the 2015 NFL Draft, Gregory has posted 16.5 career sacks in 50 career games.

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