May 31, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Ramesh Chandra Swain | India | Who married 14 women in India and robbed them of their money | NMR | The world

An Indian man has posed as a top official in the Ministry of Health to marry at least 14 women in the last 43 years. The intent of this fraudster is to keep the money and property of the victims and then disappear.

Ramesh Chandra Swain65, was in charge of looking for middle-aged divorced women, some professionals who had a comfortable economic status or wanted to be independent and married, .

Chandra Swain Odisha (East India), is shown as the Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. After marriage, he would tell his wives that he had to go to different states to see medical facilities because of his work. But the reality is that it has disappeared.

The man married at least 14 women in 7 states of India. Police said in the investigation that he asked the victims to transfer money or property to his name. “It’s so easy,” the fraudster would have pointed out.

Inspector Uma Shankar Dash described BhubaneswarThe capital of Odisha, Chandra Swines He has had five children from his first two marriages and considers he can have more than any other wife.

The man was caught while traveling with a teacher who was one of his wives Bhubaneswar Went to Delhi to meet him. She found text messages from other women on her cell phone. She decided to invite at least three of them and was surprised to learn that they were also married to her husband.

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The teacher made the difficult decision to report to the authorities for a fraud charge.

At the time of his arrest, the man was in possession of eleven credit cards and five different identification documents. Police said he also had 14 bank accounts in his name. Authorities are continuing to investigate what amount he earned by cheating on women.

“It is unclear whether he continued to live with women or with several at the same time.” Inspector Dash told reporters.

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