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Radio Havana Cuba | Indian International Film Festival concludes in Goa

Indian International Film Festival concludes in Goa

New Delhi, Nov 28 (RHC) The Indian International Film Festival concludes this Sunday in the coastal state of Goa after nine days of screenings in various categories and artist awards.

Considered one of the most important film festivals in Asia for more than 50 years, the meeting will be the last screening of Askar Farhadi’s Iranian drama “A Hero”.

The films “From Russia with Love”, “You Live Only Twice” and “The Hunt for Red October” were screened this Sunday as a special tribute to the famous British actor and producer Sean Connery.

The Satyajit Ray Award for the career work of the outstanding Hungarian filmmaker Istvan Sabo and the famous American director Martin Scorsese marked the appointment of this seventh art.

The nine-day hybrid Indian International Film Festival in the coastal Indian state of Goa celebrated 75 years of independence.

One year after being marked by Govt-19, the film crew paid tribute to the lives lost in the world of cinema by actors like Puneet Rajkumar and Dilip Kumar and poet and filmmaker Buddhadeb Dasgupta. (Source: Latin Press)

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