February 6, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Races across India with the Lyon logo

Further 8,000 km to separate Lyon from the Indian city of Anantapur But for some years the two cities have been connected by athletics.

An Anantapur Ultramarathon run for the benefit of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation is an interesting relationship that comes from the competition. Now it reaches Spain and many cities around the world, But since its inception with very little participation, it has played a significant Leonis role, with three athletes from the province running in all its editions and up to 40 people coming to travel to one of them.

Angels Rodriguez, who will be teaming up with Angel Montiel and Marta Dees, did not miss anything. The key to this union. On a trip to India he met a Canaryian ultra-runner Juan Manuel Vieira, who started this experiment alone the first year, and promised to help form a team and attend the next edition.

Finished saying. A year later Team of five Leonis, with Gonzalo Santos and Ines mentioned as the trio, Participated in the test of traveling 170 km by relay, this number was not randomly selected, but because each one was sponsored by a child in India.

“I was in India when Juan Manuel Vera started this and I said I would support him and bring the Lyonis team.” “Since that first race, every year it has been linked to reaching a goalFor example, in this we need to raise funds to build a rehabilitation and orthopedic center in Tornala, the most backward part of India, “says Angels Rodriguez.

In fact, in Spain’s first year, there was only a group of Canary racers, where he was a promoter and a group of Leonists, although “it spreads to many other regions, from Madrid, Catalonia, Toledo, Murcia … இருப்பது; being a mechanic. “Do 180 km in 10 rows each of the four reliefs that make up a teamSo each 42’5, a few meters longer than a marathon, but do in four different volumes.

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However, like last year, this year too, the health situation encouraged testing in India, saying, “You can travel, but we do not consider it prudent”, so to keep alive the flame of continued fundraising experience, It will take place this Saturday in various sub-locations around the world, one of which is the city of Lyon.

“desire A signpost about 10 km long About 50 runners, walkers, runners and Nordic walkers will walk around from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

A way to continue to help and get involved in the project you make each year Runs through India with the Leonis seal.