June 7, 2023

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Quad: The United States is strengthening alliances with Japan, India and Australia to stop China in the Indo-Pacific region. International

President Biden and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison in New York on Tuesday.Evan Woochi / AB

Although the forum was formed in 2007 by the United States, India, Japan, and Australia, some in the international relations community knew or remembered that there was a quadruple security dialogue or quad. Crystallize the trigger cooperation systems formed as a result of the 2004 tsunami The tripartite security agreement was announced a week ago by the US, UK and Australia, Is called Access -Control dam-quad for Chinese expansion in the Indo-Pacific region has been brought out of oblivion.

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In March it held a virtual meeting, but this Friday established itself as a heavy regional base with a face-to-face summit at the Quad White House, attended by President Joe Biden and the Prime Minister of India. Narendra Modi; Japan, Suka Yoshihide and Australia, Scott Morrison. With the latter, Biden met in New York this Monday, during the UN General Assembly; He did so with others at the White House on Friday, especially highlighting the bilateral relationship he had with Modi. In Afghanistan, Pakistan, a key ally of the Taliban, has been to the detriment of India, adding importance to the meeting, which Modi described as “historic”. China’s interested movements in Central Asia, As the main beneficiary of the regime change in Kabul To promote its infrastructure and reconstruction projects.

In this regard, the statement issued after the summit highlights the “close coordination” of its members in addressing diplomatic, economic and human rights policy towards the Central Asian country. “We reaffirm that Afghanistan should not be used to intimidate or attack other countries or to train or train terrorists; the attacks are not planned or funded,” the text explains.

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Despite the White House’s insistence on describing Quota as an informal group and balancing it with other regional initiatives such as ASEAN, which is part of China. Nuclear submarine crisis Underscores the strategic importance of this initiative. No one specifically mentions China – not even the deal Access Or Quad – but the Beijing regime gets the most news. Not in vain is the priority of an “open and free, inclusive Indo-Pacific” quad, almost its existential goal, which all four leaders reiterated this Friday, saying that their aim is to curb unwanted Chinese incursions. Its water. The four aim to promote an order rooted in “international law” without intimidation – another intervention for China in the Indo-Pacific and beyond, for North Korea – for security and prosperity. “

The three countries called by Pitan are China’s enemies, from the military threat it represents to Japan to Australia’s last – minute diplomatic alignment, to traditional distrust of other Asian powers, including Beijing. According to the draft final report of the meeting, the Japanese company Kyoto News approached and planned to warn participants about “any attempt to change”. Current status On [aguas de] South China Sea and East China Sea”.

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The final report highlights the undesirable nuclear disarmament of the Korean Peninsula, calling on Pyongyang to withdraw from the “provocations”; The end of the violence in Burma and the release of political prisoners, as well as the group’s readiness to “face the challenges of a rule-based maritime order,” are a reference to areas where China is doubling its regional claims. Chinese patrol tests In the waters of the Red Sea Islands controlled by Japan – The Theoyu Islands in the name of Beijing, demanding sovereignty over them – has multiplied this year. There is also concern about a possible increase in the Taiwan Strait.

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The official and objective goal of the Quad conference is to promote cooperation on a wide range of issues, such as the spread of 5G, according to senior White House officials, “an informal meeting of key democracies in the Indo-Pacific.” Network. -Another The espionage is clear With Beijing, scholarships at prestigious universities in the United States, fisheries issues, the provision of semiconductors, the fight against climate change or a joint contribution to global health. In March, four members of the Quattro strengthened India’s productivity by targeting to donate 1 billion doses of Kovit-19 vaccine by the end of 2022. Biden stressed that the four-way collaboration on the epidemic was “on the right track”.

There are many working groups in the field of cyber security. “This is not a regional security body,” a senior White House official said in a telephone interview with reporters. However, he acknowledged that “the Biden administration understands that the challenges of the 21st century are largely in the Indo – Pacific region, and that we are redoubled our efforts to counter the threat,” according to the same source.

From the Trump administration, he is as militant on China as Pita Although the two approach the conflict differently, The Quad Forum was re-launched, the group held several high-level meetings and conducted a number of important joint military exercises, last, in 2020, in the Bay of Bengal, in the northwestern Indian Ocean. According to Washington, world power will be resolved in the 21st century.

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