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PS5's next gameplay state has been revealed, more FFXVI could emerge

PS5’s next gameplay state has been revealed, more FFXVI could emerge

The protagonist in Art of Final Fantasy 16 is shown to be surrounded by Ifrit and Phoenix.

picture: Square Enix

Sony announced today, Wednesday, March 9, that Sony’s upcoming livestream on the state of the PlayStation 5 will take place on March 9. It did not say what will be shown, but Sony has sparked interest in new revelations and updates from “beloved Japanese publishers”. Do we finally get a release date for Final Fantasy XVI?

The latest Nintendo Direct-style State of Play will be released The live broadcast starts at 5 PM ET It will last for about 20 minutes. It will also have a “special focus on highlighting great games coming from some of our beloved Japanese publishers,” as well as “some updates from other developers located around the world,” Sony wrote in PlayStation Blog Post.

This definitely makes it seem like the perfect time for Square Enix to give us a more in-depth look at the next major line Final Fantasy Toy. When it’s PS5 exclusive Final Fantasy XVI It was first revealed At the PS5 event in September 2020former Kotaku Reported by Editor Jason Schreyer On the Triple click audio notation The game has already been in development for about four years.

We’ve only seen the original action-packed promo in the years since, but the director Naoki Yoshida later confirmed The game will focus on a story that fans are also expecting. Despite a six-month delay due to COVID-19, Yoshida confirmed last December that the match The next big reveal It will be in Spring 2022.

like shrew indicated last monthhowever, Square Enix’s third creative business unit, which oversees FFXIV, is responsible for the game. with the huge Endwalker The expansion recently launched after several delays, it is possible a FFXVI The release date could be further than we hoped. If it appears sometime in 2023 or later, it will be the longest hiatus between new entries in the series’ history.

What could we eventually see in the case of Wednesday’s play next? Here are some other more guessed possibilities for the nonsense to increase:

Sony’s showing off anything related to any of the above projects will make this week’s State of Play a much bigger event than other streaming shows. Recent offers delve into Gran Turismo 7 And the GhostWire: Tokyo, known quantities that were first detected years ago. a Final Fantasy XVI The release date is going to be cool, but we’ll probably get more trailers for GhostWire: Tokyo And the Stranger’s Paradise: The Origin of Final Fantasy While that.

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