March 29, 2023

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Colombian administrator Juanita Ordóñez left Protalento’s co-founder and development, leaving his responsibility as career manager of education from Mexico for the entire region, without Brazil and Peru. Your task will be Expand the boundaries of the site to make an impact on jobs To millions of people, he says.

(What companies look for when hiring).

How is your connection with Protalento?

During these 8 years I have been working at Google, I am proud to see how it has had a positive impact on millions of people around the world, through its various products. In one work, I found that the world’s workforce was 3,300 million people There are 2,000 million jobs in the informal sector. There I met again Juan David Aristotle, the founder of Protalando, and we realized that this was the purpose of uniting us.

How to accomplish that purpose?

What we do at Protestant is to create an analogy, like a tinder between companies and talent. We get the profile requirements of the companies and with that information we go and look for the skills and if they find them, we design quick online study paths for a maximum of 8 months where we teach them the technical skills that the company asks for. We help them to raise and integrate their English standards Training We need to employ them around life skills. After analyzing the economies, we define 5 geographical areas that we will focus on in ProTalento.

(Coalitions and investment, goals of Colombian companies in the MWC).

What is the goal?

We are in Colombia and this year we opened Mexico as a ‘hub’ for Central America. The goal is to expand to India, Brazil and South Africa in the futureCountries with the highest informal and non-higher education rates.

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Including this number, it allows it to reach 876 million people who are in these conditions, and linked it to what he said at the beginning of Google as a way to measure the success of a technology company’s impact. When it reaches 1,000 million users, it will allow us to focus more and, for my part, accelerate the growth of Protalento so that it will grow bigger and bigger.

How are they today to understand the starting point of those ambitious goals?

Today we have 800 students in Colombia, and with Mexico and El Salvador, it is expected to affect 150,000 young people by the end of 2022.

At what time will entry to other markets be granted?

Last year was the year of hundreds who were allowed to test the product, this year is the year of the thousands, which allows us to bring more seniors into the team and strengthen our product, so that from 2022 to 2023 we are already moving into the millions. It has a stuttering development strategy for everything it reflects in terms of infrastructure, processes, people and so on.

(WOM and Kwai democratize link and content in Colombia).

Do you have a deadline to enter the country?

The idea is to grow year-on-year with clients, but our growth outlook is very clear and defined, and today a section of our investors are from India, South Africa and already experienced.

Is capital enough to build such a strong plan?

Future capital must come. Capital is now sufficient for the rapid expansion we expect for Mexico and Central America. We need to focus and do good things.

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Other issue content. How do you make it work?

That is one of the obstacles to change in this field Content production is very expensive And especially when geography thinks to do it for each.

This is one of the advantages of Proterozo’s competition because we do not create that content, all we do is control it through existing partners. In absolute numbers, for example, there are more than 16,000 online schools in the world today, which are growing rapidly by epidemic.
So, in the end, we end up being a coordinator and the ultimate final solution, and we meet customer expectations.

How do you do that?

We are not many women or many men, but we are looking for balance. We strive to have a diverse group not only in gender but also in thought, experience and determination.

I think it’s less likely to talk only about the genre because Protellonto’s uniqueness has to be achieved Diversity and opportunities for inclusion. We have some interesting numbers.

Let’s say some numbers. Of our 800 students, 80% are uneducated or not working properly. The dropout rate on digital platforms and digital courses is 60% and in our case it is only 3%.

What plans do you have?

In Colombia, for example, with the content and diversity we are talking about, we conclude agreements with Pancolombia and Davinda, and they understand that they are reaching the first generation of the family. Also, they will be sent to the bank.

Today we have with them the ambitions of millions of people to transform the lives of people who do not have access to this level of education, formal employment and banking services.

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