April 2, 2023

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Prince William contemplates 'what to do about Prince Harry' as the Duke flouts the Queen's royal rule |  Royal |  News

Prince William contemplates ‘what to do about Prince Harry’ as the Duke flouts the Queen’s royal rule | Royal | News

The king is known to defend the motto “Never complain, never explain.” But the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who largely left royal life to live in the US with their young family, have thrown that approach aside in recent years by conducting a series of fascinating interviews that lifted the lid on life within the company. Now Prince Harry is preparing to release his personal memoir, which he promises will provide a “completely accurate and honest” picture of the royal family’s experience.

But the book’s publication is believed to have left Harry’s brother, William, facing a difficult dilemma.

Commenting on the developments, royal expert Duncan Larcombe told The Daily Beast: “Once the book is released, William will have to make a decision on what he will do about Harry.

But he will do nothing until he knows what is on every page of this book.

“The truth is that if you, as a prominent member of the royal family, write a book that says it all, you have broken the first rule of the royal family.”

The Duke used his keynote address to launch criticism against what he called a “global attack on democracy and freedom”.

He added that climate change “is wreaking havoc on our planet, with the most vulnerable suffering the most.”

But while many Sussex supporters applauded the Duke’s speech, some were quick to criticize it and question its suitability for such an important platform.

Speaking about the appearance, royal expert Jonathan Sacredotti said: “He is literally completely unqualified to have anything important to tell people, but instead uses his position as a person in the British royal family to spread what he sees as an important message.”

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The commentator added that he is “not arguing whether it is an important message or not”, but rather “arguing” the messenger.

In his speech, the Duke also spoke of his late mother Princess Diana’s meeting with the former South African leader in March 1997, and how he “sought solace” in Africa after her death.

Harry also criticized a recent US Supreme Court decision to overturn the controversial Roe-V-Wade ruling, which had granted abortion rights in the 50 states since 1973.

But his words were mocked by Judge Samuel Alito in public this week.

The conservative Catholic judge, speaking in Rome during a conference on religious freedom hosted by the University of Notre Dame Law School, said in a sarcastic tone: “What really hurt me, and what really hurt me, was when the Duke of Sussex addressed the United Nations and seemed to compare the decision, whose name may not be spoken, to the attack.” Russia over Ukraine.