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Premier 118 NE: This is the Spanish 124 sold in India

Before delving into history Premier 118 NEA quick review of a girlfriend’s history is convenient Seat 124. We go back to the year 1968While the brand offered a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive saloon for less than 150,000 pesetas, the SEAT ranked between the mid-850 and the luxurious 1,500 in performance thanks to its 1,200 cu. Centimeters that produced 60 CV of power.

Advertisement of Seat 124

While the automobile was already democratized in Spain, 124 was a car that moved the masses, was intended as a car aimed at the middle class, as it allowed for comfortable travel and fun behind the wheel. By the way, in many cases the 124 It’s not the first car for Spanish families, but it’s the first car in good condition.

A year later, enthusiasm for the model will continue as soon as it appears on the market Seat 1430Upgrading 124 in fields luxury And this SportsmanshipWith better finishes and a more powerful engine.

Finally, in 1975After highly sought-after models such as the 124 Sport Coupé or the 1430 FU both appeared on the market with powerful twin-shaft engines, a New version Aesthetically updated from popular 124.

124 by Giorgetto Giugiaro

In 1975 Production of the popular and beloved SEAT 1430 has been discontinued. Of course, at the end of the same year, it will appear on the market A new seat is 124Under the same body will be the engines fitted in the 124 and 1430 ranges, including the already mentioned 1,600 and 1,800 cubic centimeter bi-shaft blocks. 1,919 cubic centimeter engine.

SEAT 124 FL or “Pamplona” range.

The 124 second sequence Redesigned by Italian Giorgetto GiugiaroThey received many new elements, among which a new front and rear stood out, in which it attracted attention New plastic parts, which gradually gained popularity in the automotive world. Its most characteristic elements 124 His Rectangular front opticsAnd one Also rectangular taillights And big.

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This is New 124As it is known among fans 124 fl Due to its chassis code, it will go down in history as the brand’s first model to be produced Navarres factory of LlandabenIt was formerly the property of AUTHI, and for what reason these 124 There are Popularly known as “Pampalona”..

Finally, for that 1980 Production of the 124 ceases in Spainwith Over 600,000 units This popular model has been sold, and a lot of it 150,000 They gathered in the factory Navarre.

The 124: A Universally Successful Car

Spain is not the only country in this 124 It was an overall bestseller. As usual, the 124 Made by Italians Fiatwith a Design signed by Oscar Mantabone And provided in this 1966 Like a modern saloon with three square blocks.

with Seat Already well established in newborn Spain 124 He worked then Fiat President, Gianni AgnelliChange your brand A multinational giant In the most unexpected markets.

Undoubtedly, much of the success was attributed to both the sales volume and longevity of the model Former Soviet UnionThe market includes VAZ-2101 One Lada Zhiguli Released in 1970 and surviving the collapse of the Soviet Union, It stopped its production in 2012Some of the figures they estimate are sold More than 17 million of these cars It was in production for over forty years.

Other markets are variations on this 124 There were countries like TurkeyThe car was sold as Tofas Murad 124. Also, and cSo predictably, The 124 It was produced for a short period between 1970 and 1973 South Korea in the name of FIAT-KIA 124.

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KIA-Fiat 124.

1981: Agreement with India

Shortly after ceasing production Seat 124He Posted the news Said to provide bodies of this model PREMIER AUTOMOBILES LTD. per value 1,650 million pesetas.

By then, Premier was the second largest car manufacturer in IndiaAnd there was only one model car for sale Premier Padminibasically Fiat 1100It is made in this country Since 1964.

It may be surprising that such an old car has survived so many years in the market, but at the time Hindustan is India’s largest car manufacturerwho was developing his model Ambassador since 1957And it is based on the third series of the British Morris Oxford.

Finally, the launch party Premier 118 NEHow the car will be sold in India will not take place until then 1985.

How was Premier 118 NE?

aesthetics It differs very little from the 124 issued in 1975 in Spain, except for some external elements. There was a huge difference An interior with an increased amount of plastic components For its Spanish counterpart, this is not unusual, as the automobile sector was commanding in the 80s.

The engine had the same displacement as the 1,200 used by SEAT, but in the case Premier Volume One 1,171 cc inline 4-cylinder First of all Nissan (called the A12 engine) developed 52 horses It allowed the car to reach 135 kilometers per hour Top speed.

Then, for Nineteen ninety-six, Premier introduced a new mechanicThis time Dieselappearance at this time Peugeotof 1.3 liters and 42 horsepower. This new version of the model became known as Premier Viceroy.

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A commercial failure

In spite of the initial supply 118 NE Received with interest, sample It never became a bestseller. The car was appreciated at the time Smooth handling thanks to its engine and gearbox of Nissan pedigree. In addition, it was offered as an upper-middle model, which was more robust and better quality than some of its competitors.

But despite all these factors in its favour, the demand for 118 NE has never been higher from buyers in India.

One of the obvious reasons Long waiting times to get one of these carsMay be extended at times Up to six years After paying, it made many buyers hold back on the purchase 118 NE. Without further ado, It took two years for the first of these cars to leave the factory After its publication.

However, without a doubt, the clearest reason for the failure was the appearance of a new competitor in the market Maruti 800on a small basis Suzuki Alto and that it will be sold with Since 1983 it has become very popular in IndiaBeloved and sacred Hindustan surpassed the ambassador in popularity.

Finally, the The Premier 118 NE will cease production in 2001, Next to Old PadminiIt has been in the market since the 1960s Seat 124 Giugiaro redesigned and in Spain he won public approval due to fate survived into the 21st century.