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Politicians and judges reject the new electoral map of Indian Kashmir

This content was released on May 06, 2022 – 12:44

Srinagar (India), May 6 (EFE) .- Politicians and legal experts in Indian Kashmir this Friday rejected the redesign of New Delhi in the electoral map of the disputed area, believing it would benefit Hindus more than Muslims.

Imran Nabi Thar Efe, regional party spokesman for the National Convention (NC), told PTI that the commission responsible for creating the new electoral map of the region had “completely ignored the important and uniform parameter of population in this exercise”. .

Tanveer Sadiq, a key spokesman for the formation, said the new map would “weaken the people of Kashmir” in favor of the Hindu minority, along with the Muslim majority in the region.

The redesign of the electoral map of Indian Kashmir added six assembly seats to the Hindu-dominated Jammu region and only one in the Muslim-majority Kashmir Valley.

Many separatist leaders say the plan shows the intention of the central government, which is dominated by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindutva BJP, to turn the region’s population for the benefit of Hindus.

“The new boundary has been set to complete the BJP’s agenda,” Mehbooba Mufti, the former head of the Indian state of Kashmir, told reporters after the announcement.

Many legal experts have objected to this model, which marks the new electoral boundaries of Kashmir.

An unnamed lawyer told Efe that this was “a unilateral attempt to allow unjustly excessive electoral representation of the Hindu people to the detriment of Muslims, which is a mockery of all the rules of democracy.”

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The lawyer believes the order is “contrary to India’s obligations under UN Security Council resolutions on international law to change the political or geographical boundaries of Kashmir and the disputed territory.”

Pakistan Review

Neighboring Pakistan, which has disputed the territory with India since independence from the British Empire in 1947, has also rejected the electoral map, which aims to “seize rights and weaken the majority Muslim population” in Kashmir.

The letter confirms that “this whole exercise was a mockery” was sent to India and that by this decision the region wanted to give “legitimacy” to their “illegal” activities on August 5, 2019, when it lost its status. Special semi-autonomous

Since the dissolution of the Kashmir Legislative Assembly in 2018, following the breakdown of the ruling regional alliance, and the unilateral revocation of the semi-autonomous status of the region by the Indian Parliament a year later, Kashmir has been led by a Governor appointed by New Delhi. Arbitration election. EFE

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