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Political leaders discuss a solution to Europe’s energy crisis in India

This content was released on April 26, 2022 – 08:45

New Delhi, Apr 26 (EFE) .- The energy crisis in Europe as a result of the conflict in Ukraine has exposed the West’s strong dependence on Russia’s fossil fuels, stressing the need to accelerate energy transfer. We must turn to the renewables that were emphasized on Tuesday by the political representatives in India.

“This crisis with Russia makes it clear that we can not rely on fossil fuels because it is so vulnerable. We must bet on renewable energy based on local production,” Norwegian Foreign Minister Anniken Hoodfeld said during his intervention. Team looking for new energy alternatives at the Raisina Dialogue International Forum in New Delhi.

However, he stressed that his country, one of the world’s leading oil and gas exporters, would not give up these energy resources for the time being, but would use the clean energy generation to invest in the renewable sector until energy needs are met. In population.

Matthias Gorman, general secretary of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), shared the approach, arguing that “it is not realistic to give up all fossil fuels now” and stressed the need for “change as soon as possible.” “But it will not leave much of the electricity that people need.

To continue this shift towards renewable resources, he stressed the need to increase annual investment aimed at neutralizing carbon emissions, which will reach $ 4 billion a year by 2030, four times the current figure.

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In this sense, he urged advanced economies to contribute to this cause, and reminded them of the promise they had broken by 2020, not allocating the $ 100,000 million promised annually in adaptation and mitigation concepts to emerging economies. Effects of climate change.

“Different parts of the world have different approaches to solve it, and all approaches need to come together,” Korman reiterated.

The use of green hydrogen as a more efficient alternative to fossil fuels was also discussed during the panel, with Amitabh Kant, managing director of the NITI Ayog Research Center, which is affiliated to the Government of India, as its lead lawyer.

Despite being a “very expensive” alternative, the technology needed to make its production cheaper was not yet available, and Kant was optimistic about its standardized use over the “next two or three years”.

A drastic reduction in its cost that would make it possible to decarbonize more polluting sectors such as refineries or long-distance transportation, and would prioritize the use of “two-, three- and four-in-one” electric batteries. Wheels, but the world cannot rely on lithium, cobalt and nickel, “he said.

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