June 4, 2023

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PlayStation announces the India Hero program, a talent development program in India

Sony Interactive Entertainment India has announced Hero ProjectA project to achieve development in India, such as the PlayStation China Hero project – from China – or PlayStation Talents in Spain.

The China Hero Program has supported various projects in recent years, including Fist: Forged in Shadow Torch, Anno: Mutation or the next boundaries, EVOTINCTION, Lost Soul Aside, fits And AI limitation. India Hero Project will dedicate resources and support to creators in the country so that they can publish their ideas on PlayStation and other platforms.International market.

“PlayStation has proudly brought entertainment experiences to the Indian gaming community for over 20 years. It is exciting to see the growth of the market during this time. We are very excited about what is to come“The report talks about finding the most promising developers in this local sector. India Hero Project will provide mentoring, training and investments to reduce barriers to development and encourage new talent from India. Creators can already send their proposals. Official website.

Emergence of new markets

China and India are some of the markets with potential to expand in the video game industry, especially the console sector, which is not as heavily weighted as mobile phones or PCs. It will take years to see the benefits of the India Hero programmeBut the results of the China Hero project were very positive for Sony, which announced the release of these two games a few months ago –Lost Soul Aside And fits– and increased investment in studies involving large projects. “The extent of the third season [de PlayStation China Hero Project] It surpasses the previous two,” said Bao Bo, director of game production in China.

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