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PlayStation 5 is almost easy to buy

PlayStation 5 is almost easy to buy

Throughout the pandemic, I have had the great pleasure of perusing pen articles celebrating that hard-to-find technology has become easier to purchase at retail cost. First, it was Xbox Series S and Nintendo Switch OLEDthen Series XAnd the Almost all Nvidia and AMD GPUs After a few months. We’ve come very close to saying that PS5 will soon be joining the club.

yesterday, We wrote that Sony released another one From PS5 reruns that weren’t as frequent (but are becoming more frequent), and Console Bundle $549.99 Includes PS5 with drive with Forbidden horizon west Still in stock after about 19 hours. Even after everyone has had the opportunity to beat the waiting list and make a purchase, there is still inventory left, scary. Maybe you can go take a nap now, come back, and buy one later if you want to.

Really beautiful scene.

That kind of luxury — buying a gadget when you want it just because the thought came to you — is something many people (including many of us in the the edge) They’re learning. And that’s wonderful. Those were the early days when we took on the heavy responsibility of telling readers when they had minutes—no, seconds—to register a console that felt special, but I think we’re all ready to move on.

in FebruarySony was still struggling to put the PS5 on shelves (the PS4 had sold more in its lifetime at the post-launch mark). Recent sales data from the NPD Group indicates that the PlayStation 5, along with the Xbox Series X, had significantly higher year-over-year sales in July 2022 than in July 2021, indicating that consoles are becoming more readily available.

I don’t want to say definitively yet that the PS5 is “easy” to buy because if it were, it would be available and ready to ship right away from the likes of Amazon, Best Buy, and more. You can currently request an invite to buy one from Amazon, but only this half is important as you have to wait to see if you actually get the invite. You can also Fill out this form for a chance to be invited by Sony to buy PS5.

With this PS5 restocking overnight and beyond at this point, I hope it’s an encouraging sign that stock won’t be as much of an issue in the 2022 holiday season as it was last year.

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