May 28, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Pilar Lima: “I want to go back to schools for deaf girls in India”

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Valencia Pilar Lima mayoral candidate in a minuteLifting TV

Have you read ‘La ciutat de València’ by Sanchis Guarner?

No, I put it in a pile of earrings. I just finished “València no s’acaba mai” by Vicente Padel.

Which book about Valencia do you recommend?

Norway, novel.

Where would you take your friends to eat a good paella?

For El Palmer, it has good sites.

And party at night?

To the Sala, through the Plaza del Cetro, or to the planet, I am too late.

At what time should terraces be closed at night?

At that time, the hotel business was agreed with the next neighborhood.

Your favorite place in town?

Neighborhoods in the suburbs, Plaza de Sant, the Valencian orchards, L’Albufera, the town of Benimaglet, strolling through Cabanyal-Canyameler… I love my city.

Which is more embarrassing?

Duria Nova.

Which redesign do you like more, the Plaza de la Reina, Bruges or the Town Hall?

Nothing as long as there is more shade and more trees. We need to build climate shelters and places to pass through when it’s hot.

Do you travel by bicycle, car, motorcycle or public transport?

Public transport and cycling. They leave the car for me while I go to the mountains with Lolo.

Bulls or football?

Women’s Football.

Valencia CF or Levante UD?

Both men’s and women’s teams.

If he meets Lim, what does he tell him?

Go to Lim’s house.

Favorite food?

Rice dishes and spoon dishes.

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Your favorite party?

Failures and afternoons in good company. More dyke parties.

A corner you didn’t know about and intrigued you?

Cabanyal Horta is a self-managed place with its garden and delicious food.

What music do you listen to?

Electronic and Rock.

Your upcoming trip?

Return to India, Anantapur, and revisit the schools of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation for Deaf Children.

Who will lay the street?

For those who live in neighborhoods that struggle or struggle to have livable places. They and they will decide that.

A concern?

The anti-democratic drift of rights won in these years and non-electoral powers goes back.

A wish?

The Valencia City Council must develop policies that will transform the governing neighborhoods and their neighbors.