June 8, 2023

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Photos, video and details of sports bike launched in India!

India launch

The BMW G 310 RR is already on sale in India, the first country to experience the long-awaited sports car. We show you how…

Today, Friday, July 15, is new BMW G310RR, the German brand’s compact sports car that completes its ‘310’ range. At least India is the first country to start marketing it, with no word yet on which markets it will be available in.

Like her sisters BMW G 310 R and BMW G 310 GS, a sports car developed in collaboration with Indian manufacturer TVS Motors. not in vain, The BMW G 310 RR shares most of the underpinnings and components of the TVS Apache RR 310. It will also be manufactured at the plant in Hosur.

This is the first edition BMW G310RR It is offered in two color variants (one metallic black and white, with a combination of blue and red typical of the brand).

The differences with the R and GS are mainly the RR’s typical full fairing along with studied aerodynamics and its color schemes that make you think of a superbike. BMW S1000RR. Its dimensions or its light weight assure us agility and ease of handling. The front has an aggressive and recognizable design with full LED lights, windshield screen and half-handlebars. The driving position also looks sporty, while the raised tail recalls its inspiration from the circuit motorcycle. Gold inverted fork, aluminum swingarm, complete instrumentation and attention to detail are not lacking. For tires, select Michelin Pilot Street.

of the engine BMW G310RR It’s not new because it’s the same Water cooled 313cc single cylinder. will not let 25 kW (33.52) at 9700 rpm. power and 27.3Nm at 7700rpm The maximum torque tells us that it’s built a little more ‘peggy’, ie. With maximum performance in the slightly higher parts of the tachometer, it’s more natural for a sportier bike than a naked or trail bike.. It should also be remembered that these figures make it up Fully compatible with A2 card. It claims a 0 to 60 kmph time of 2.9 seconds. It has a slipper clutch built into the track, which allows more safety and control in more abrupt gear reductions, as well as more comfort when operating with the lever.

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In the electronic area, the BMW G310RR It is fitted as standard with four driving modes (Track, Urban, Rain and Sport) which operate in different ways based on power delivery and ABS operation. Electronic throttle improves throttle finesse in relation to required power delivery. It also has a system that helps the engine not ‘stall’ when starting gear. It comes with a 5″ color TFT screen with various display modes, though with a vertical format that can be seen in video.

The BMW G 310 RR Price in India This, at the euro-to-rupee exchange rate, comes to around 3,555 euros (3,730 euros in the Sport colour), figures far removed from the current prices of the R and GS in Spain, where their respective prices are more or less double. If we make a comparison, we can bet on it The RR will cost just under 6,000 euros.

Let’s see BMW G310RR In the European market? I like! For now we have to wait…

Official Photos BMW G 310 RR (India)