June 8, 2023

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Peruvian citrus and blueberries can now be exported to India | Economy

The Gaceta de la India, the official newspaper of the Government of India, has published the phytosanitary requirements for the importation of citrus fruits and blueberries of Peruvian descent, which will allow these products to reach one of the most important fruit markets in the world.

According to the regulations of the Department of Agriculture, Cooperatives and Agrarian Welfare of the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Welfare of India, berries of Peruvian mandarin, orange, lemon and grapefruit and Vaccinium spp.

Thanks to the officialization of the release, the arrival of Peruvian citrus and blueberries to this market will be a reality, adding these products to the current exports of grapes and avocados. In this regard, the export of fresh fruits to India will increase significantly in the coming months.

Access to these products would not be possible without the concerted efforts of Peru’s National Agricultural Health Service (SENSA), the Embassy of Peru in India and Brambero’s Commercial Office in that country.


The overseas trade of fresh fruits in India is in a very dynamic state. An increasingly important part of the Indian market is shifting its preferences from traditional consumption of local products to imported varieties from exotic varieties, and they offer functional properties and nutritional value.

This environment is marked by infection, The entry of Peruvian citrus fruits and blueberries at this time creates an extraordinary opportunity for these foods, the demand for fruits rich in vitamins and health benefits in this country is growing rapidly.

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According to the Indian Agricultural and Processed Food Export Development Authority (APEDA), citrus fruits are the third most imported fruit after apples and kiwis, according to the specific preferences of Indian consumers. .

On the other hand, although blueberries, like butter, are a relatively new product, its popularity is growing rapidly in the upper and middle socio-economic sectors of the country.

Imports of vaccinated fruits increased from US $ 384,000 (2019-2020) to US $ 1,178,000 (2020-2021), according to APEDA.

Imported fruit consumption trend, in part, is strongly driven by social networking and content generated on the internet and advertising campaigns implemented by import companies and distributors in India’s major markets, so the acquisition of these foods will continue to grow nationwide, he said.