June 2, 2023

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Peru will soon export citrus and blueberries to India, Senasa nndc | Economy

The National Agricultural Health Service (SENSA) Asian Government has announced that Peruvian producers will soon be able to export citrus fruits and blueberries to India after public consultation on the phytosanitary import requirements of these fruits until 31 August. World Trade Organization (WTO) Committee on Health and Plant Health Activities.

At the end of the consultation period, in the absence of technically supported comments, the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Welfare of India will publish the plant health requirements in the Gazette of India, the country’s official daily. Requirements Exports of Peruvian mandarin, oranges, lemons, grapes and blueberries can reach this important market, in accordance with this regulation.

We are committed to the agricultural development of the country; In this situation, new markets for national production are opened up, providing our farmers with more market opportunities and alternatives to commercialization.Said Miguel Queto, the national leader of the Senate.

According to official figures, Peru was able to export a total of 268,000 tonnes of citrus fruits during the 2020 campaign, with 200,000 tonnes of mandarins, 19,000 tonnes of lemons, 29,000 tonnes of oranges, 18,000 tonnes of tango and 2000 tonnes of grapefruit.

The country’s major citrus export areas are Iga, Junin and Lima; Pura also highlights its lemon exports and lambayek.

As for blueberries, Peru has established itself as a leading exporter of this fruit worldwide, shipping 15,972 tonnes in the last campaign. Major export areas are La Libertad, Lombok, Lima, Iga, Ankash, Pura and to a lesser extent Mokuga and Loreto.

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