March 21, 2023

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People would bring me apple pie every time I went to the restaurant

Eugene Levy is glad he’s more famous Sheet Creek from American pie These days. (Photo: Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images)

These days, Eugene Levy says, he is best known as the patriarch of the Rose family Sheet Creekis a welcome change from the incessant attention he received afterwards American pie.

The legendary actor and comedian, 76, has opened up about Watchman about his connection to the 1999 teen movie, in which he played his character’s son Jason Biggshe is caught in a sticky sexual position with apple pie.

“the American pie The thing got a little boring. Levy said, “People would bring me apple pie every time I went to a restaurant or to a wedding. Which is funny, but it happened a lot.”

Levi now hosts the travel series The reluctant traveler on + Apple TV. During the interview, he talks about his work as co-writer and artist on Christopher Guest’s famous fake documentaries, incl Best in Show And Great wind. Despite the success of the films — not to mention the career resurgence of co-star Jennifer Coolidge, whom Levy describes as a “very fun, quirky, lovely character,” thanks white lotus The Canadian comedian doesn’t think they’ll earn more.

“Our last one was For your respect In 2006, “Levi’s Co.” Our fake documentaries – Chris [Guest] They always hate the term “satirical” because we’re not making fun of it, it’s more soulful than that – but they were getting a bit of a cookie-cutter in terms of story. It was all sort of the same, except we changed the subject. At a certain point, that becomes expected. In the meantime, many TV shows have picked up on this format and just destroyed it.”

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However, Levi’s still has a soft spot for the guest cast.

It’s funny that a lot of the cast just got together in San Francisco for a reunion event, marking the 20th anniversary of Great wind. There was music, laughter and a lot of fun.”