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Paulo Banchero and Keegan Murray star in the top five picks for the summer league double thriller as Magic Squeak by

Paulo Banchero and Keegan Murray star in the top five picks for the summer league double thriller as Magic Squeak by

LAS VEGAS – Day three of the Las Vegas Summer League started with great fanfare as two of the top five draft picks were made. It was Paulo Banchero (pick #1) and Keegan Murray (pick #4), and it lived up to all expectations and then some. The game needed double overtime for sudden death, and the Orlando Magic of Panchero took the win, 94-92, over the Sacramento Kings at the Thomas & Mac Center main gym.

The Magic took a comfortable 18-point lead with 5:26 left in the game. There were a few bad turns and the Kings started to outgrow the lead. With only six seconds left, Sacramento was six seconds back and Nemeas Quetta’s shot hit three at the top of the key to cut him to three. The clock was running out, Murray stole the incoming ball and threw a 3-pointer into the corner turned inside, tied the game at 87.

The Kings scored six points in six seconds. Fans erupted into the arena as the two teams headed into overtime.

“Kegan is tough, he’s a great player,” Banchero said after the match. “Every time he hits I always thought he’d go in, and the last time at the end of the fourth game I told him I knew she was going in. He’s a great player and it’s fun to compete against him.”

During the summer league, overtime is only two minutes. The Kings took a hat-trick with six seconds left when magic goalkeeper Devin Canadie was fouled with a three-point shot. Sink all three shots. The Kings had a good look under five seconds, but Emmanuel Terry came off the weak side to block Keon Ellis’ shot attempt and sent the bout to sudden death two more times.

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By this point, fans who had been watching the Boston Celtics play in the Miami Heat at Cox Pavilion had made their way to catch one of the best summer league games in recent memory.

During a sudden death again (which rarely happens in the Summer League), Banchero is called in for a foul with a blocked shot in a Queta dunk attempt. It was eventually flipped and the magic got the ball back.

“I thought I got the ball clean so I was upset, but obviously they checked it and turned it over, so I was happy to get the ball back with the match on the goal line,” Banchero said. “I’m glad it didn’t end with free throws, especially a match like this, and we were able to play it.”

Banchero had the ball in his hands with everyone on their feet in the ring. He drove the pass, drew two defenders and found Terry for an easy basket.

Orlando Magic rookie Paulo Banchero responds against the Sacramento Kings during the 2022 Summer Basketball League at Thomas & Mac Center in Las Vegas on July 9, 2022 (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

“I was trying to get to the edge, but I knew they were going to be loaded, and Keon Ellis ran off and tried to hit the ball out of my hand. Once I looked up, [Emanuel Terry] “I made a big cut under the rim and just found it,” Banchero said.

“Paulo is shooting, so I knew I had to be ready,” Terry added, laughing. “That match was a lot of fun and I give credit to all my teammates and coaches.”

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Banchero and Murray were great. Banchero did a little bit of everything, finishing 23 points, six rebounds, six assists, four assists, two assists and two blocks. Murray hit the ball incredibly well and scored 20 points (4 to 8 from a 3 point range), nine rebounds and two assists.

So far, this draft category lives up to the hype with all the top five players performing well. Everyone had fun in the NBA in July, and there’s a lot to look forward to from the young players coming up.

“It was fun,” Panchero said with a smile. “I’ve never played in a match with such an end. Six points in six seconds, that was crazy and I’m glad I tested that and won.”