June 4, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Part II War erupts in India – Plaza de Armas

Ramon Marquez Carbazol

Part II

Monday, November 5. The group is leaving for New Delhi on a long journey. Pancho was deeply saddened: his brother Rolando had recently passed away. “He had a very serious illness since he was a child – he says – it damaged his heart. He could not recover. I was 26 then.

A stop in Beaumont, Texas:

My husband worked in the offices of Lamar Tech, and he agreed with Pancho Contreras for the team to play an exhibition against the university tennis players and train him. We were fine with them for two days and then they moved to New York.

Yola Ramirez

From the Iron City to the Light City …

Pierre Dorman and his wife Rosa Maria Reyes, a former champion from Mexico, come to greet them. On the way to the hotel, Thorman tells them: -Have you heard of the Communist Chinese invasion of India? -Yes. We just read about it in the newspapers. India has already declared war. It has already begun. “I hope to hear from the New Delhi Federation at the hotel,” says Contreras. We look forward to these days and, if in doubt, will continue to India with the same plans –

Rafael Garcia, AFP

Pancho Contreras called me because he wanted to stand in Paris on his way to Australia and play a quick match to keep the guys active. So I organized a Mexico-France friendly match with the French Federation. We played two singles and one doubles at a stadium of 4,500 people. My partner on the Davis Cup team was Jean-Noel Grinda with me. This is the first of three times I have played against Rafael Ozuna, and I was able to beat him. I beat Balafox, Grinda lost two singles and they beat us in doubles so the series went to them 3-2.

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Pierre Thorman – husband of “Bazarida” Reyes

Dono Balafox writes to Elena Hosuna:

After wrapping up beautiful Paris in Tel Aviv almost in the dead of winter, we enjoyed a good time. We played in the Davis Cup match against the team here, and we beat them 5/0. We will leave for New Delhi early tomorrow morning. We are worried about finding out that war has erupted in India, but hope we will play like we played in Paris. Krishna will be the enemy to defeat.