March 30, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Pancho Saavedra announces the new season of “Socios por el mundo” – Publimetro Chile

Francisco “Panjo” Saavetra on Wednesday gave details on what the second season of “Socios Por El Mundo” will premiere on Thursday, March 9 on Channel 13 screens (after T13 Central). The entertainer points out that his time in India was quite a shock for the Asian giant due to the huge cultural differences with Chile.

“We recorded 70 days of ‘Socios Por El Mundo’ where we toured India, Japan, Thailand and Uganda. Unlike Season 1 (where they visited Morocco, Spain, Italy and Egypt), the environments here are very different and the experiences we live. . Nothing like the other. What happened to us was very different.” Luksic pointed to the face of the family-controlled Signal, who will again share the scene with actor George Zabaleta in this new cycle of shows, with whom he will show poverty in Uganda or Indian crematoriums.

It is an unforgettable adventure and is more intense and nuclear than the previous one.

Francisco “Pancho” Saavetra

“(The journey involved) staying in a burning forest in India until reaching the abandoned country of Uganda. It is as if the world has forgotten Africa and the world has forgotten the dire poverty in Africa. We have been in places where we have never met Chile, you can only drink bottled water, you have to cover your mouth and be careful when showering”, A still shocked Saavedra agrees.

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