June 6, 2023

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Padres acquires Josh Hader

Padres acquires Josh Hader

In a stunning movie, Padres agrees to an All-Star Josh Hader From The Brewers, according to ESPN’s Jeff Bassan (Twitter link). Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal reported just minutes ago that the Brewers are close to a Hader deal.

Badgers send themselves closer, Taylor Rogersto Milwaukee in the bargain, and Bassan as well Tweets. Milwaukee will also get you right Denilson Lametset up probability Robert Gasser and an external possibility Estori Ruiz.

It’s a massive deal for the Padres, and while it’s a real surprise to see Milwaukee come closer as he advances by three games in the National League Central, the reason for the trade is fairly straightforward. Hader’s $11 million salary figures jump north of $15 million next season in his final year of club control, and the generally budget-conscious Brewers may not be willing to set aside $15-17 million for a single loyalist when that counts as a significant portion of payroll. Gross salaries.

Of course, The Brewers could have kept Hader in the winter and made it available at that point, but the allure of landing Hader to many post-season undoubtedly prompted them to look for a higher price tag for the time being. To that end, they are gaining something close to Rogers, who – like Hader – has struggled recently but has an excellent track record spanning several seasons. Milwaukee also adds a high-octane boom in Lamette, albeit a hit-and-run, two top-ten odds for Padres in Gasser and Ruiz, which breathes some much-needed life into a farm system that hasn’t generally been considered among the strongest sports.

It’s the kind of trade we’re used to seeing smaller salary clubs like the Rays and Guardians make regularly: cash in on a desirable player trade value when he has multiple seasons of club control and at the same time refills that spot on the roster with other top players. League help. It’s an instant drop on the list overall, but this kind of simultaneous buying and selling on a tightrope has been one of the keys to Tampa Bay, Cleveland, and even Milwaukee itself remaining competitive though it has rarely been able to spend on top-market money.

Hader, 28, sits in the worst of his career 4.24 ERA, though that mark was inflated by an uncharacteristic pair of back-to-back crashes earlier this month, where he was flagged for an astonishing nine runs in a third inning. Outside of this disastrous pair of runs, Hader has a 1.87 ERA in 33 2/3 runs. He didn’t even allow running this season until June 7 and has hit 41.8% of his opponents for an 8.5% walking rate.

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Back in Hader’s debut in 2017, no one in baseball has surpassed his massive 44.1% strike rate—and he’s not particularly close to doing so. (Craig Kimbrel Hader ranks second with 40.6%.) Hader’s 2.48 ERA was at the time ranked eighth among 309 eligible loyalists, no one beating its swing hit rate of 19.5%.

The name that follows Hader into a massive swing hit rate – now ex-teammate Devin Williams – It might have something to do with day trade as well. The Brewers certainly wouldn’t have been comfortable moving Hader had it not been for Williams’ own breakthrough as one of the sport’s most dominant relief shooters. Armed with a killer change (aka “Airbender”), Williams ranked fourth in strike rate (39.9%), second in swing stroke rate (18.6%) and second in ERA (1.94) among the same subset of eligible painkillers just mentioned in relation to Roar. .

There is certainly an argument that Milwaukee should have simply maintained a roar and topped this dominant duo throughout the rest of the season and the next game, but the combination of high, instant (Rogers, Lamette) and long substitutes proved the value of adding a pair of prestigious prospects to the system too tempting for Chief of Baseball Operations David Stearns and General Motors Matt Arnold and the rest of the Milwaukee crew.

Turning to that pool of newly acquired talent, brewers are certainly hoping that Rogers can shake off the recent slump that has plagued him over the past two months. Rogers, from 2018-21 with the twins, was not far behind Hader on our list of the best left hand relievers in the sport. He’s worked out 197 2/3 frames during that time, turning into a 2.91 ERA with a 31.2% strike rate, 4.9% walk rate and 50 saves. He cut a torn tendon in his hand last season for Rogers, and the twins were shipped to San Diego on the eve of Opening Day this year.

Rogers moved into his new surroundings brilliantly, hitting a dominant 0.44 ERA by 23 to 4k/bb with his first 20 innings. Since that time, however, he has been beaten for 8.14 ERAs in a nearly identical 21-round sample. Rogers still has an exceptional 25 to 5 K/BB ratio over this ugly stretch, however, and was only allowed to run one house along the way. He’s averaged 0.429 in balls during this slump, but it’s still hard to overlook a stretch that has seen Rogers surrender in 13 of his past 22 games.

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However, Rogers’ impressive record, the Brewers family may have their own idea of ​​how leftists can get back on the right track. He’s a free agent at the end of the season, which makes Rogers a pure rental—but so affordable, the twins covered all but $700,000 in that trade to the Padres.

Meanwhile, Lamet is another huge bullish arm that brewers are buying on the cheap. The Right Monk was a candidate for Cy Young in the short 2020 season, but he picked up a biceps injury late that season and missed a large part of the 2021 campaign due to forearm fatigue.

Lamet has had 13 earned throws in 12 1/3 of Major League rounds this season, but has been dominant in Triple-A (0.77 ERA in 11 2/3 frames). His fastball rate, which averaged 97 mph in 2020, has fallen to an average of 95.3 mph this year. There are obviously a lot of red flags with Lamet, but if he can get anything like his 2020 form (2.09 ERA, 34.8% strike rate, 7.5% walk rate) off the Milwaukee Bullpen, he’ll be a massive addition to this year’s Relief Corps And next, because he’s eligible to referee again before the free agency in the 2023-24 season.

Jacir and Royce were both among Padres’ top 10 prospects and will now also join the Brewers’ top 10, and Jacir, 23, was 71st overall in the 2021 draft and has kept himself in the rotation with Padres. A first-class subsidiary developed this season. At 90 1/3 innings, he achieved a 4.18 ERA but an even more impressive 3.27 FIP, thanks in large part to his flashy 30.5% strike rate and sharp walk rate of 7.4%. Somewhat funny, Gasser doesn’t rely on speed for success but rather on driving and over-breaking the ball. Baseball America hits the fastball in the 90-93 mph range and describes Gasser as a high potential fourth player — someone who can move quickly through minors. It could be an option in Milwaukee by late 2023 and certainly by 2024.

In the meantime, Ruiz is an instant choice for center brewers. He’s already made his league debut, and while he’s only been 6-27 during his first few games, he’s obliterated Double-A on the field (.344/.474/.611 in 232 games on the board) and opposing Triple-A so far in 2022. (.315/.457/.477 in 142 plate impressions). Ruiz has, unbelievably, stolen 60 bases in just 77 minor league games this year, and has already earned the first of what should be a few major league steals as well. Add in average raw power or better, and it’s easy to see why Milwaukee likes it—particularly given the team’s need at center field.

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Ruiz is not a true midfielder and only moved onto the field on a full-time basis last season after struggling as a player, but the BA Scouts report on him indicates that he is already making good jumps and reading while learning to position the field in the fly. Strikeouts were a problem for Ruiz earlier in his career, but he’s only had 17.4% of the underdogs so far this season, and he’s reportedly made some changes to his approach and swing that have improved his ball-playing abilities. .

Of course, it’s uncommon to see a division-leading team with one of the game’s best players in position midway through the season, but The Brewers’ entire gambit is an upward game that could bring them similar production in 2022 and long-term value thereafter.

For Padres, it’s a short-term game with the goal of assembling a strong post-season team. It’s also certainly not the only step San Diego Chief of Baseball Operations AJ Preller will take between now and tomorrow’s deadline. He was able to add Hader without having to hand any of the high-end enterprise prospects – for example Robert Hassell Third , CJ AbramsAnd the Jackson MerrillAnd the James WoodAnd the Luis Camposano – They can all be used as firepower to bring in a large monument or external upgrade (eg Frankie MontasAnd the Juan Soto).

It should be noted that the acquisition of Hader will likely put Padres over the luxury tax threshold, even as Lamet’s salary returns to Milwaukee. This is just an additional harbinger of the significant deal from Preller & Co. , althoug. In all likelihood, the Padres are just getting started, and we shouldn’t expect this to be the only notable move for the Brewers either.