May 31, 2023

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Pablo Norena Garcia: Secretary of the Spanish Embassy in India dies of corona virus | Spain

Pablo Norena Garcia, secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food at the Spanish Embassy in New Delhi (India), died last weekend from Kovit-19. His death was another of 80,000 Spaniards affected by the disease Country with epidemic hexadecimal dimensions, Nearly 25 million infections and 4,000 deaths daily. The country’s hospitals are crumbling, and there is a shortage of the most basic health equipment, such as oxygen.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman confirmed the death, pointing out that the department led by Aranza Gonzalez Laya was monitoring his evolution and that he was being given the medicine his brother had requested, which did not prevent his death. “The health of the staff is our highest priority and we are taking action with health to respond to all events,” the spokesman said.

Almost all the staff of the Spanish Embassy in New Delhi Deliver, considering the health condition of the country, and The post of ambassador has been vacant since last October. The death of Pablo Norena, a 50-year-old laborer, comes amid controversy over the vaccination of Spanish foreign service workers, bringing the total to nearly 7,000. The wife of a Spanish employee also signed Covit and had to let him out of the capital when all the hospitals were submerged.

The most representative unions in the sector (Comionses Obreras, CSIF, Fedeca-ADE, SISEX and UGT) sent a letter to Prime Minister Point Pedro Sanchez; The Ombudsman, Francisco Fernandez Marugan and the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Health, Aranza Gonzalez Laya and Carolina Tarias, respectively, asked for specific vaccination plans for their specific staff and their families “immediately”.

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The unions complained that “in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the autonomous community, along with foreign service officers and staff and their families, the necessary steps have not yet been taken to vaccinate in those countries. This is necessary,” the unions complained, adding that vaccination should be given to personnel assigned to countries with the most dangerous health conditions. The security has already increased unrest by vaccinating military liaisons abroad.

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Gonzalez Laya said that he had agreed with more than 50 countries to vaccinate his staff in mutual circumstances, and thus Spain would vaccinate the authorities of those countries, and that they would vaccinate the Spaniards, always according to national vaccination programs and without a specific priority. However, the foreign minister acknowledged that the formula was not feasible in some countries, such as Haiti, which has not received any vaccine, or in insecure countries such as Afghanistan or Mali. For this reason, we are looking for an alternative way to get vaccinated or bring vaccines to Spain. The minister has called for a meeting this Wednesday, according to union sources.