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Over 220 people have died and millions have been affected by heavy rains in India

This content was published on 04 Jul 2022 – 16:16

New Delhi, July 4 (EFE) .- More than 220 people have died and millions have been affected by intense monsoon rains that have battered India in recent weeks, causing severe flooding and landslides in northeastern regions.

According to the latest data from the Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASTMA), 160 people have died due to heavy rains and floods in the last three weeks, including one in the last 24 hours. .

Additionally, the rains are affecting more than 1.3 million people today, of whom more than 150,000 are staying in relief camps, ASDMA said.

According to the report, at least 16,000 houses have been damaged or completely destroyed since the rains returned in mid-June.

Heavy monsoon rains that lashed the Asian country have killed nearly fifty people in northeastern Manipur, where they triggered a massive landslide last week that affected an army camp.

The rescue operation continued this Monday, with 47 dead bodies recovered and 14 people still missing, the Itanagar National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) said on Twitter today.

Another state hit hard by the monsoon is neighboring Meghalaya, where authorities have reported 20 deaths in recent weeks due to floods and landslides, including a rescue team member and several children.

1 and 3 deaths were reported in northern Uttarakhand and northeastern Sikkim last week, all due to landslides, according to a recent news release from the Disaster Management Unit of the Indian Home Ministry.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has downgraded the rain warning level from yellow to green for most of the states in northeast India as of Wednesday.

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Instead, it warns of heavy rainfall in the west and northwest of the country that could trigger further floods and landslides.

These incidents are common in South Asia during the rainy season between May and September, when hundreds of deaths and millions of people are affected.

This rainfall, while essential for agriculture in the region, currently accounts for more than 60% of the annual rainfall in India, which produces staple foods such as rice and maize.


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