June 4, 2023

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Oregon Ducks Receive Commitment from QB Dante Moore, No. 8 College Football Recruitment for 2023

Oregon Ducks Receive Commitment from QB Dante Moore, No. 8 College Football Recruitment for 2023

Five star quarterback Dante More The Oregon Ducks have committed, announced Friday at SportsCenter.

Moore, who is ranked No. 8 overall in 2023 ESPN 300, is the highest-ranking commitment of new duck trainer Dan Lanning and his crew. The 6-foot-3, 200-pound quarterback from Martin Luther King High School in Detroit is the No. 3 pocket passer in the country.

“Coach Lanning would be a great coach, because he knows what it takes to get to a national championship, and of course in Georgia,” Moore told ESPN. “Fitness Trainer [Kenny] Dillingham as my offensive coordinator, I know I can trust in the years to come. The playmakers and the team they build around them will be fantastic for me in the future.”

Despite reports that Notre Dame was the high school at one point during his enlistment, Moore continued to visit schools, including Texas A&M, California State University and Miami, to make sure he was making the best decision.

“Visiting all the schools with different facilities, different coaching staff, meeting great coaches…and talking to them is probably one of the best things to do during the whole process,” Moore told ESPN. “…no one showed a preference for anyone during the whole process, I was open and I enjoyed it.”

Moore, who made his last college visit to Oregon at the end of June, had already struck up a relationship with Dillingham, who was Florida State’s offensive coordinator before joining Lanning in Oregon. Moore wanted to build a better relationship with the rest of the staff and was able to do so on his visit, as well as getting used to the university itself.

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“Going out there and seeing the facilities, the best facilities in the country, I think,” Moore said. “Everything is updated and [Nike founder] Phil Knight has put a lot of money into the university. Everything in the university will help. People who go to Oregon get the best during their entire presence process because they have all the tools you need to improve yourself.”

Oregon is a school that many potential clients are looking for for NIL deals and networking possibilities outside of the college experience, and Moore understands the potential to build his brand with Ducks.

“This whole process, a lot of coaches and journalists know about me that when it comes to NIL, I’m just a kid trying to play football and improve myself,” Moore said. “I know it’s Nike and Phil Knight. Of course there can be great opportunities for NIL and building my brand. I know it’s going to be a great process, but so far we haven’t talked much about it.”

The timing of Moore’s commitment comes after the USC and UCLA announced that they would leave Pac-12 to join the Big 10 in 2024. This leaves Oregon with questions about its future, but the uncertainty has not bothered Moore.

“I called coach Dillingham and asked him if they were going to join the Big Ten, and he said they don’t know yet,” Moore said. “Coach Lanning and all the coaches and everyone has not had a huge contribution to that, but if they join them or they join the Big 12 or whatever, I know we’re going to be in a big conference for us to keep competing and being the best we can be.”

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Moore has the talent and ability to engage and compete head-to-head in Oregon. Lanning and Dillingham added Auburn’s transfer Bo Knicks for the next two seasons. Former ESPN 300 quarterback Ty Thompson And the Jay Butterfield She is also on the list.

Thompson and Butterfield do not have much experience; The Knicks played for Dillingham in his first season at Auburn.

“You can have multiple receivers in the field, multiple workers,” Moore said. “But being a midfielder, there is only one of you on the field. You have to trust your quarterback coach and offensive coordinator to believe that they will be able to help you get into the league or help you improve yourself.

“They have a lot of quarterbacks on the roster, but I want to go in and compete, try to get a first job or compete. You have to compete everywhere. Looking at the quarterback depth graph, that was a big part of that whole process.”

Moore was one of two ESPN 300 quarterbacks who had yet to commit, and left Dylan Lonergan (#62) as the only non-committed caller to the top 300 signal in the class.