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Online switch should take advantage of GameCube and Wii and offer 'more' N64 content, says former NoA chief

Online switch should take advantage of GameCube and Wii and offer ‘more’ N64 content, says former NoA chief

Former Nintendo America President Reggie Fells Amy recently had a talk with CNET about his new book. Disable the game.

While the usual batch of Nintendo-related questions surfaced, Reggie had a little extra information to share on this particular occasion. First, don’t expect Nintendo to revive those “mini consoles” like SNES and NES classics now that they have a solid way of delivering legacy content via Switch Online.

In his opinion, he believes that Nintendo should focus its energy and efforts on providing “more” N64 content, and perhaps even some other legacy systems like the GameCube and Wii, and really tap into this aspect of Nintendo. This is part of the exchange:

On the NES Classic and SNES Classic and whether the mini consoles will return

Reggie: “Will it come back again? Will there be other physical boxes with old content? I don’t think so. If I were to come back to Nintendo for a day, I’d be more focused on: how the company makes use of all its content, or delivers it to the consumer through the Nintendo experience.” Online?What they’re doing…They’re putting out some N64 content, and they’re working with other platform owners to get some of that old content out.But here’s the chance Nintendo still has more N64 content to take advantage of.

They have GameCube content to tap into, and they have Wii content. I see this future of digitally presented content for you, to the consumer, as just a burgeoning opportunity that I would like to continue to take advantage of.”

The last time We checked in SNES and NES MiniCombined sales of the systems have crossed the ten million mark. While it’s a pretty cool feat to re-release two older consoles, Switch Online is generating much more interest through subscriptions (As of last November) exceeds 32 million users.

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The same system has also converted more than 107 million units as of March 31, 2022 — meaning that Nintendo Switch Online and Expansion Pack subscriptions will likely continue to climb.

What do you think of Reggie’s comments about Switch Online? Should Nintendo have a monopoly on the now classic systems like the GameCube and Wii, in addition to the N64? This follows the news pokemon snap It will arrive in the N64 Switch Online library next week. After this release, other known games scheduled for this library include Custom Robo and its sequelwhich is currently exclusive to the Japanese NSO service.