April 2, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Olympic Games Argentina 2-1 India Live: Summary, Goals and Results

Argentina battles long but hard against India but wins and gets a pass to the final of the Tokyo 2020 Women’s Hockey Olympics.. The Lions won 2-1 In one game they started with the scoreboard against, but the resolution of the penalties in the corner was handed over to turn things around.

Albertario is a very consistent and dangerous player On the attacking side of Argentina, the Indian team commands the attacks of the national team from the left side to suffer in self-defense. Meanwhile, Captain Bariono was in charge of scoring two goals Send that team to the controversy for gold.

In the second half, in both periods, Argentina dominated. They were at high speed, did more damage in the attacks and defended well against the Indian attack. Tried to change things with the score against the Asian team, but Susie’s confidence and credibility on goal destroyed any match shot..

The Lions will face the Netherlands team for Olympic gold In the end. The European team beat England 5-1, their favorites.

However … let Los Leonas dream!

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