June 2, 2023

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Nipah virus, a deadly disease affecting India

New Delhi.- of the state Kerala, In the south India, Double attempts to prevent potential risk Nipah virus, Despite the fact that the province continues to face a large number of cases Corona virus In the country.

Kerala Health officials have been forced to isolate hundreds of people in contact with a young man who died in the coastal city of Calcutta and are on high alert following the death of a 12-year-old boy from a rare virus on Sunday.

On Tuesday, the state health minister told reporters that samples of eight primary contacts were negative.

“It was a great relief that these eight immediate contacts turned negative,” said Veena George.

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The Nipa, First identified when it erupted in Malaysia in the late 1990s, the fruit is spread by bats, pigs or human-human contact. There is no vaccine against the flu, which can cause fever, seizures and vomiting. Supportive care is the only treatment to control complications and keep the patient as comfortable as possible.

A mortality rate between viruses has been estimated 40% And 75%According to the WHO, much more than that Corona virus.

George said most of the samples will be tested on Tuesday and that a total of 48 contacts are being monitored at the hospital, including eight who tested negative. Officers will conduct house-to-house surveillance to identify secondary contacts.

Over the weekend, the central government sent a team of experts to Kolkata to help find contacts with local authorities. They also proposed a list of recommendations, including strengthening the health infrastructure in case of infections and warning neighboring districts.

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The state faced an explosion Nipa In 2018, a dozen people died from the virus. At the moment, there has been growing concern over government headlines for recording a high number of daily infections in recent weeks. Govit-19 All over the country.

On Monday, Kerala Nearly 20,000 infections have been reported Govit-19, In a total of 31,222 nationwide. The situation has worsened as cases have been declining across the country since the beginning of this year Kerala This is worrying, and experts warn that the government will not reduce its security.

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