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Niklas Backstrom undergoes hip resurfacing surgery

Niklas Backstrom undergoes hip resurfacing surgery

And Washington Capitals announced on Saturday afternoon that forward Niklas Backstrom He underwent hip surgery.

The operation was a success, and Capitals says his recovery process will be “long”.

Backstrom underwent previous hip surgery seven years ago. he is Missed the first two months of the 2021-22 season During rehabilitation of an injury to the same hip. He scored six goals and 25 assists in 47 games.

On the day of the breakup, Backstrom revealed he was still struggling.

“Like I said before, the hip is not going to be 100 percent,” Backstrom said. “This is something we all know. Some days are good, some days are less good. This is just life.”

Capitals general manager Brian McClellan said the way he went last season to Backstrom was not sustainable “not in the way it is now. It’s hard for him to play. He has two things in mind he wants to try and we’ll go from there.”

Sportsnet’s Elliot Friedman reported in May that if Backstrom opted for surgery, he would face an “arduous and exhausting” rehabilitation process.

What I think it might be is if he’s having some kind of surgery which, judging by his comments he could be having, there’s a lot more to come back from for a guy with the miles that Backstrom had. There were some rumors about what he was weighing and that makes sense with what he said. It’s not just the injury, but the surgery you can have and recover from. Which is a big deal. It’s a big challenge. I don’t know if that means he will retire or he will have to take a year off or something. I don’t have all of these answers. But the only thing I’ve heard is, if he’s had surgery, that kind of referring to his injuries, it’s a stressful and stressful thing rather than trivial.

If Backstrom can’t make a comeback, he will likely retire as the Capitals’ all-time leader in assists (747) and only the second Capital ever to reach the 1,000-point mark with the team.

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Backstrom has three years left on a five-year, $46 million contract that he signed in January 2020. The maximum is $9.2 million.

Banner photo: Amanda Bowen/RMNB