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What You Get When You Add an “I” to Facebook’s “FB”

The lingering privacy issues that haunt Facebook is not new to me so to be safe I decided to not use the application at all. I really thought that by doing this, I surely need not to worry, but I was so wrong. These issues regarding privacy in Facebook didn’t bother me too much because how could it affect me ...

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New 1 Minute Charging Aluminum Mobile Battery Developed

The frustration of experiencing a phone battery dying frustrates anyone, and the long wait for it to fully charge is frustrating as well. But this issue can be eradicated soon, as scientists unveiled a new battery that has the ability to be fully charged in just one minute. A group of researchers from Stanford University developed an aluminum battery that ...

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WhatsApp Windows Phone Version to Be Available Soon

It has been confirmed that the famous voice calling app, WhatsApp, is already in its development stages for the Windows platform. The support team of WhatsApp replied in an email to a certain Windows Phone user, stating that the app’s version for the Windows platform is already in the works. No specific time-frame for its release has been shared, but ...

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Release of Newest Microsoft Surface 3 Version Announced

The Microsoft Surface, a tablet that is also pretty good notebook, was well accepted during its release. The first Surface Pro, meanwhile, did not sell very well; this is mainly because users were still getting use to the new UI of Windows 8 added to the Windows RT’s new logic. Microsoft has a positive attitude that if they did not ...

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Auto Shanghai 2015 Will Showcase Cadillac CT6 Hybrid

The public will be expecting the 2016 Cadillac CT6 Hybrid at the Auto Shanghai 2015, although there was no official announcement yet. The product chief of General Motors, Mark Reuss, however, gave a hint in an Autoblog interview. According to sources, the GM executive said the Cadillac CT6 Hybrid will possibly be shown at the auto show, but no announcement ...

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