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Release of Newest Microsoft Surface 3 Version Announced

The Microsoft Surface, a tablet that is also pretty good notebook, was well accepted during its release. The first Surface Pro, meanwhile, did not sell very well; this is mainly because users were still getting use to the new UI of Windows 8 added to the Windows RT’s new logic.

Microsoft has a positive attitude that if they did not get it right in the first try, they will improve the next release. The 2013 release was considered much better because its processor is faster, features a high-res display, improved kickstand, better battery life, and more.

When the release of the Surface Pro 3 was announced, it was stated that the tablet will run in full Windows. It was also stated that it will be powered by the 4th-generation Core CPUs of Intel.

Now many are wondering about the Surface 3, many are hoping for it to becompact and super-thin. Fans were also looking forward to a Windows tablet that is power efficient.Unfortunately, all that did not happen. The new Surface 3 version isn’t quite how the fans expect it will turn out, but on the positive note, it will be powered by the Atom x7-Z8700 from Intel, considered the company’s current highest-end part.

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