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Czech President Bans U.S. Ambassador from Prague Castle

President Milos Zeman of Czech Republic has banned United States Ambassador Andrew Schapirofrom Prague Castle, the Czech president’s official residence. The banning followed after Schapiro commented about Zeman’s attendance in a World War II commemorativecelebration that was held in Moscow.

Some other EU leaders are also refusing the May event because of the involvement of Russia in Ukraine. Earlier during the week, Schapiro also said that it will be uncomfortable if Zeman will be the single representative from the EU during the ceremony.

Zeman, on the other hand, said the Czech ambassador in Washington, giving advice to the American president is unimaginable as well. In a statement to a news portal, Zeman added that he cannot imagine such incident happen, an ambassador giving instruction to another nation’s president regarding where to travel. He asserted not to allow any ambassadors meddle or say something about his foreign travels.

According to reports, the presidency is considered as a primary ceremonial role. However, as a previous prime minister, Zeman has been known to make his opinions recognized regarding both domestic and foreign policies. Thus, the now Czech Republic president still delivers his opinions about issues that matter, whether affecting him as the president or otherwise.

Image credit : tasnimnews.com