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Yemen Crisis Intensifies Due to the Persistence of Houthi Fighters into Aden

On Sunday, the Houthi militia pushes deeper into the city of Aden, where Saudi backers of Abdel Rabbo Mansour Hadi, president of Yemen continue to hold out. Meanwhile, Shi‘ite rebels released artillery barrages on the city’s residential areas, targeting pro-Hadi television station.

According to an unidentified medic, they cannot get close to the bodies on the streets due to the presence of Houthi snipers who shoot anything that gets close. Houthi continues to take control over large swaths of Yemen, regardless of the Gulf Arab states’ 11-day air strikes.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has called for an immediate imposition for a 24-hour cease-fire throughout Yemen, giving way to the evacuation of wounded individuals and prevents further fatalities. ICRC Middle East head of operations, Robert Mardini said surgical personnel and relief supplies should be allowed access the region so as to reach and help the affected places, otherwise, many will die.

According to health officials in the city, 185 lives were claimed, while 1,282 were injured since March 26, although the figures exclude rebel casualties and those killed by air strikes. Valerie Amos, Emergency Relief Coordinator of U.N. urged both sides to give more protection to trapped civilians. On Thursday, Amos also said that those engaged in the conflict should ensure that schools, hospitals, refugee camps, and civilian infrastructures must not be targeted by fighters or used for any military purpose.

Image credit : nationalgeographic.com