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Optimistic quadruple amputee receives £10,000 from Coldplay

Coldplay has donated £10,000 to an ‘inspiring’ quadruple amputee who lost his limbs from a deadly infection.

After hearing of Mr Lewis’ experience, the band’s frontman, Chris Martin, personally emailed Mr Lewis to say he had renewed his ‘faith in life’, reported BBC online.

Alex Lewis, a father from Stockbridge, Hampshire, became a quadruple amputee after contracting Strep A Toxic Shock Syndrome – a rare complication of a streptococcal infection he had suffered. As his limbs became infected, they began to poison his body and had to be removed in order to save his life. He also lost several areas of his face and lips to the infection, which have since been addressed using skin grafts.

Following the amputations, Mr Lewis’ approach to his experience left many in admiration. In spite of huge obstacles to his health, he remained staunchly positive, and has admitted he is happier now than before his amputations.

“It’s made me think differently about being a dad, a partner, a human being,” Mr Lewis told BBC online earlier this year.

The initial donation of £10,000 was followed by an e-mail from an employee of Coldplay, who expressed that Chris Martin wished to communicate with him personally. A message detailing the frontman’s admiration for Mr Lewis arrived days later.

“I was very moved by your story having read about it recently and wanted to reach out and say how incredible your approach to life is and inspiring.” The e-mail from Mr Martin read.
“It seems like you have been on an amazing journey and handled it with awesome force.”
The email concluded: “I hope you are doing good and thank you for renewing my faith in life.”
Manager of Lewis’s charity trust, Rosemary Court, said it had been ‘astonished’ upon hearing about the generous donation from the band. Court said the generosity had been ‘such a lift’ for Mr Lewis.

Mr Lewis has since appeared on several TV and radio programs, and says he aims to help others less fortunate than himself.

Those close to Mr Lewis say that the donation may go towards a new pair of ‘Stubbies’ – foreshortened leg prosthetics costing around £15,000