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What You Get When You Add an “I” to Facebook’s “FB”

The lingering privacy issues that haunt Facebook is not new to me so to be safe I decided to not use the application at all. I really thought that by doing this, I surely need not to worry, but I was so wrong.

These issues regarding privacy in Facebook didn’t bother me too much because how could it affect me if I totally don’t use it. This changed when I decided to clear some unused apps on my Android phone.

My aim was to clean up some stuff that I don’t use to free some space and in order for my expensive phone run more efficiently. I went through one app to another, uninstalling non-essential ones and then when I tried to uninstall the

Facebook app, it cannot be uninstalled from my phone.

Whatever I try, the damn Facebook app just can’t be removed!

This frustrated me a lot and decided to look a bit more closely at the Facebook app and was able todiscover that this app can actuallydo a lot, here are just some:

•    Calls are read(who I calledand who called me)
•    Know my location
•    Read and modify my phone contact card
•    Modify my calendar
•    Send email without me knowing
•    Confidential information access
•    Access my accountonTwitter
•    Create an account and even set passwords
•    Record videoand take pictures
•    Modify or worse, delete the installed SD card

And the list just goes on and on…

Who the hell gave Facebook the right to force themselves into their user’s private life without asking permission ?

I just don’t get it! Why would my phone’s manufacturer, an expensive and premium brand, allow such apps that are basically spywares, to be installed? Spending a week’s wage for a phone should at least guarantee that I purchased a secure phone right?But no, it was installed without my consent, and now I don’t even have the option to remove it!

Is this even freaking legal!? If I even try to spy on my neighbor, I would certainly be arrested in a snap.

This eventually led me to conclude that the feds basically are behind these Facebook intrusions!Zuckerberg creating it for his college mates is all crap and is just an elaborate cover used by the feds to spy on people!

Don’t ask me what we can do, because I really don’t think there is something we can still do. Sadly, we are headed and evolving into a society without privacy, a society wherein the government will have the right to pry themselves into our private lives.

Source of info  Blackhatworld