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New 1 Minute Charging Aluminum Mobile Battery Developed

The frustration of experiencing a phone battery dying frustrates anyone, and the long wait for it to fully charge is frustrating as well. But this issue can be eradicated soon, as scientists unveiled a new battery that has the ability to be fully charged in just one minute.

A group of researchers from Stanford University developed an aluminum battery that is a great alternative to lithium-ion batteries being used today in smartphones. The researchers even claim that the battery is environmentally friendly and not combustible.

Hongjie Dai, a Stanford chemistry professor stated that their team was able to develop a new rechargeable aluminum battery which may replace alkaline batteries that are not environmentally friendly, and lithium-ion batteries that are flammable.

Hongjie Dai confidently shared that even if their new battery is drilled, it would not catch fire.
There are two key characteristics this battery offers, it is bendable, this allows compatibility with flexible devices, and its development costs are very low.

The group of researchers stated that the search for a viable aluminum battery was the subject of several years of research, and the key challenge they faced was to find materials that are capable harnessing and producing voltage that are sufficient even after repeated charging and discharging cycles.

The new battery can easily withstand in excess of 7,500 cycles of charging without loss in capacity.

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