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Iran Plans to Ease Women Ban on Sporting Events That Involves Men

Since the 1979 Iran Islamic Revolution, in most sporting events that involve men, women are not allowed to attend.
But this may change as a top sports official from Iran stated that for some events, the women ban will be removed.

Abdolhamid Ahmadi, Deputy Sports Minister of Iran, stated last Saturday that there are plans to allow families and women to attend sporting events in sports stadiums by next year.

Though it isn’t clear yet on which games Iranian women will be allowed to attend. During the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup in Canberra, supporters of Iran displayed a banner to urge the end of banning women in such sporting events

Iranian state-run Press TV reported that Ahmadi stated that the restrictions are to be lifted in indoor sporting events. He also added that the rules would not change for all events because not all sports spark the interest of families and women.

FIFA is actually calling the ban intolerable and consider it unnecessary. The Iranian authorities implemented the ban after the revolution, citing that it is un-Islamic to allow mixed crowds to watch games together.

Decades after the ban, only males were allowed to watch soccer games, the country’s most popular sport.

Sepp Blatter, FIFA’s President, called on Iran intolerable ban since last month and pushed to end it, stating that the current situation cannot continue.

Image credit : turner.com