April 2, 2023

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News that Russia and India have signed agreements in the military and economic fields

Just hours before the meeting between President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh announced on Monday that several military and arms deals would be signed with Russia.

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“I am pleased that various agreements, treaties and protocols related to sniper weapons and military cooperation have been signed,” the authority said on its Twitter account after meeting with its Russian envoy, Sergei Shoiku, in New Delhi.

Following the meeting of senior officials of the two countries, Prime Minister Modi welcomed President Putin at his residence in Hyderabad.

Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bakshi said the agenda of the annual summit included political and security issues.

“Currently, mutual investments are about 38 billion. There is a little more investment coming from the Russian side. We are cooperating more than any other country in the field of military and technology. We are developing high technologies together and manufacturing in India,” Putin said. Encounter.

“India has been our friend for a long time. Trade between countries has increased this year. We see India as a great power and our military relations are incomparable …”, he noted.

“Bilateral trade between India and Russia has increased by 38%; working together in various fields, including energy and aerospace,” the president said.

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For his part, Modi said the India-Russia relationship is truly a unique and trustworthy model of friendship between states.

In recent decades, the world has seen many fundamental changes and different types of geopolitical equations have emerged, but the friendship between India and Russia has remained stable, he said.

“His love for India is evident; Despite Kovit and other challenges, relations between India and Russia have always been strengthened, ”Modi said in his opening remarks at the bilateral meeting.

Putin and Modi signed agreements to strengthen security alliances

At the end of the meeting, Putin and Modi signed nearly thirty agreements and pledges in New Delhi on Monday, including agreements to enhance deep cooperation in their arms industry, trade and defense matters.

During the meeting, which took place within the framework of the XXI India-Russia Bilateral Summit, the two countries signed a total of 28 agreements and memoranda of understanding, many of which focused on military development, defense technology transfer and cooperation.

During the visit, Moscow and New Delhi agreed to strengthen their alliance by signing a long-term plan of military and technical cooperation for the period 2021-2031.

On the other hand, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced that talks on the manufacture of the vaccine against the Kovit Sputnik Light in India were nearing completion.