June 7, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Before the Indian government banned it Tick ​​tock, As part of its geopolitical competition China, 43% new users Tick ​​tock Emerged from India The country will reach 323 million out of 800 million by 2020 To (Monthly Active Users) The application is available worldwide. India Second country with the highest number of downloads in the world Apple Store. Only Share Its app downloads will reach 100 million in a few months. India Country with the highest number of users Facebook World: 310 million people against 190 crore United States . One billion Hindus have a cell phone, two-thirds of the total 1.3870 million peopleAlso, they spend about six and a half hours a day browsing the web.

This phenomenon is even more so Influencers: Cricketer on Instagram (Football for Hindus) Virat Kohli has 91 million followers; Actress Priyanka Chopra has 60 million Of followers, actress Deepika Padukone 53 million; Actor Akshi Kumar 48 Millions; Actor Salman Khan 38 million; Actor Amitabh Bachchan 30 million; The richest cricketer in the world Sachin Rendulkat It has 28 million; Actress and singer Shreya Ghosh22 million and on Facebook, for example, the singer Yo-yo! Honor Singh 33 million followers

India is the capital of the entertainment world where more movies are shot per year than Hollywood, which renamed Bombay. Bollywood: The total number of films in the United States in 2019 will be $ 2,600 million more than India’s 3,600 films.. The public devotion to the film and its artists is such that all film sessions begin with the Indian anthem and the image of the country’s flag on the screen. Cricket is another national interest It makes idols into millionaires.

Hindi English. Faces India is written in Hindi in Western script, which is more common on social media than Devanagari script.

Balance of A Display business That amount attracted Louis Malouf, CEO of Perfil Brazil, first created Caras India only for Sao Paulo’s Instagram and Facebook. Only with two Hindu journalists. As they received in three months 45 thousand followers, Second quarter begins – on July 8 – Website: www.carasindia.com And the monthly edition of the magazine.

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The post highlights what 9 major celebrities did to turn the severe second wave of Govt-19 into a weather, in line with the dramatic impetus imposed by the epidemic in the country: “Content is provided in English and language “Hindi”, Which is written in Hindi in Hindi script which is more common among social media and our target audience than Hindi in Devanagari script.

By the time President Fernando Henrique Cardoso was professor of sociology, Brazil was said to be “Belindia”, whose population was made up of Belgians and a majority of Hindus, about the distribution of income. Brazil shares with India that belongs to the category Brick, To four major developing countries: Brazil, Russia, India and China. India, The world’s largest democracy, which has made great strides in recent decades, is increasingly seen as China’s other best competitor.

Brazil profile

After consolidating page views and user record in 2020: 331 million page views and 85 million users, Perfil is the third largest site after Brazil, UOL and Globo, entering in 2021 and increasing the portfolio of brands with a strength of 41 million followers on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and TikTok), Only 10 million of them Guys Brazil.

With 21 topics most relevant in the fields of entertainment and culture: Carras, Condico, Anamaria, Marcia Beauvoir, Mice Novella; With the Rolling Stone in music, with Aventuras na Hysteria in history, and with Viva Side and Bones Fluidose in health.

For the second semester, Brazil profile Aventuras celebrates 18 years of hysteria by winning first prize in the fields of knowledge. In addition, they are coming Hollywood Forever TV, Canal de YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/c/ HollywoodForeverTV) It reveals the myths and legends of the North American film and music industry, and MixBrasil (https: // www.mixbrasil.org.br/), The first national brand to discuss the agenda LGBTQIAP+ And owner MixBrasil Diversity Festival, Now relaunched as a news channel.

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In the second half of the year, Profile Brazil officially launches the Perfil Brasil and Cinebuzz website, Aimed at cinema, streaming and sports events.

Brazil profile
Brazil profile

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