June 3, 2023

Great Indian Mutiny

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Netflix is ​​slashing prices significantly on the day Amazon raises prices

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Streaming wars know no bounds and They fight on different fronts far from the west. The latest fight between Netflix and Amazon Prime Video has come to India. The platforms have changed the price of their tariffs in a single day, hoping to reach as many subscribers as possible and become a leader in the Disney Plus hotstar industry.

Strict Netflix price reduction in favor of gaining more subscribers

Netflix has made a move and has decided to drastically reduce its subscription fees across the country in an attempt to break the highly competitive market. This way, Cheap plan Priced at $ 2.63 (199 Indian Rupees), it also includes access from a smartphone and tablet, It costs $ 1.97 per month (149 Indian Rupees).

This drastic price cut will also affect the basic subscription plan, which costs 60% less, going from $ 6.60 (499 Indian Rupees) to the most affordable $ 2.63 (199 Indian Rupees) per month. On the other hand, the Standard plan Slightly modified and after being discounted by the platform, its price is $ 8.58 (649 Indian Rupees) and Will be priced at $ 6.60 per month (499 Indian Rupees). What else, Premium planThe most expensive and complete option costs from $ 10.57 (799 Indian Rupees) per month. $ 8.58 (649 Indian Rupees).

Amazon Prime decides to bet on video reverse trick

The decision by Netflix’s top executives has come to India in a planned and surprising manner, along with another important change made by its rival Amazon Prime Video.

The increase is very severe and particularly noticeable Annual subscription plan, which ranges from $ 13.21 (999 Indian Rupees) to 18.83 (1,499 Indian Rupees), the number increased by 50%. For the monthly plan, the price will increase from $ 1.70 (129 Indian Rupees) to $ 2.36 (179 Indian Rupees) per month, while the quarterly plan will increase from 4.35 (329 Indian Rupees) to $ 6.07 (459 Indian Rupees). Rs).

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Trying to catch the real market leader

The real streaming market leader in India is Disney +.

The real leader in the Indian market is Disney Plus Hotstar, a service that was already ahead of the price hike and decided to raise its subscription fees last September. Its cheapest annual subscription option is for mobile only and $ 6.60 (INR 499), while the annual options for two and four simultaneous devices are $ 11.89 (INR 899) and $ 18.83 (US $ 1,499) respectively. In addition to these three programs, the site allows you to access some content with advertising from a free program.

The number of visitors to the three streaming sites in India is unknown, but Media Partners Asia’s market report revealed. Disney Plus Hotstar (With 51 million subscribers) Amazon Prime Video (22.3 million) And Netflix (6.1 million) accumulated up to three important services and 80 million subscriptions in the country.

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