March 28, 2023

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Natural Fruits: Indian Ambition for the Galician Initiative | Business

For a while, Aishwarya Mehra, a gastronomy aficionado, decided to stop her career as an international business consultant to study and work in Galicia. There, between stoves, he tried a fruit pulp, which gave him an idea for Nature Fruits, a company founded in 2019 in A Coruña. With a turnover of around ,000 300,000, the company is dedicated to marketing fruit pulp. And its star product is mango.

But mango is not the only one Alphonse. “This is the kind that comes from my land,” Mehra says over the phone. “Because of its characteristics, it is considered an excellent quality product, the king of mangoes,” he adds. There is coconut cream from Indonesia and fashion fruit puree from Vietnam and Colombia. The products are 100% natural, sugar free, non-allergenic and suitable for vegetarians.

One of the main challenges when starting a company is financing. “Capital is low, the market is big, there is always competition … “, Recalls the entrepreneur. “Second knowledge. At first, people were not used to using it because the products in the market were frozen or in syrup, ”he recalled. At the moment, the main target of the natural fruit mango is the ice cream industry, which is also used in confectionery and other products such as mayonnaise and vinaigrettes. “That’s the difficulty, to show people that fruits are not just used to make sweets,” Mehra recalled.

Their main customers are other businesses, and they hope to advance to the end consumer this year. There are currently two people in the already profitable company.

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The Govt-19 crisis put them to the test. “The product goes to consumption and if the market closes, we have Stock He is paralyzed, ”recalled Mehra, 34. Once the worst of the epidemic was over, they had to deal with the maritime traffic situation. “The international logistics and supply chain makes it very difficult to maintain the import, supply, and stocking process … it was hard to rearrange everything when you were growing up,” he says. “Learning is hard, though,” he recalled.

Now they are opening markets in other countries in southern Europe such as Italy, and plan to expand the family of products by adding twelve new specifications over the next three years for the future. In 2022, in particular, they will introduce pineapple and black currant. In terms of numbers, they expect growth of more than 100% compared to 2021.

Who knows deeply all the sides of the coin.