June 4, 2023

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Mysterious floating panels on the beach in Hong Kong, India 64 GW of capacity and the Polish photovoltaic market – pv magazine Spain

At the end of each week, pv magazine Summarizes in Spanish the important news that has occurred in the last 7 days and has been published on the group’s different websites.

Changes in the Polish PV market
Poland will become the third largest European solar market in 2022, driven by the rapid adoption of micro PV installations under 50 kW, but this year has already started differently. Marcin Ślęzak, business director of Warsaw-based Menlo Electric, spoke recently pv magazine About changes in demand and technology preferences in this thriving market.

Australia breaks new record for rooftop solar
Solar installed on residential rooftops provided a recorded 14% of Australia’s electricity this summer, more than lignite and more than wind farms and large-scale solar projects.

South Korea reduced capacity allocations in solar tenders from 4 GW to 2 GW
South Korea has cut its 2030 renewable energy target from 30.2% to just 21.6%, and aims to reduce support for solar and other clean energy sources while paving the way for nuclear power and liquefied natural gas. A lobby group is now challenging the plan at the Seoul Administrative Court.

In Africa, mini-grids are approaching profitability
The mini-grid sector continues to attract the attention of development partners in Africa. According to the African Solar Industry Association (AFSIA), mini-grids can generate profits, so commercial financiers will certainly jump on the bandwagon.

Greece launches a €200 million subsidy program for resident Solar Plus batteries
The Greek Environment and Energy Ministry has unveiled a new 200 million euro ($215.3 million) subsidy program for solar projects and small storage systems in the residential and agricultural sectors. The project is supported by the country’s post-epidemic recovery plan.

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India has crossed 64 GW of installed solar capacity
The Indian states of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Karnataka already account for more than 50% of the installed solar power in the entire country.

The Czech Republic is filling the pot of rebates on photovoltaic roofs
The Czech Republic will allocate an additional CZK 55 billion ($2.5 billion) to its new green savings program, which includes rebates on rooftop photovoltaics and other energy-saving measures in the residential sector.

A floating photovoltaic system mysteriously appears off the coast of Hong Kong
A local environmental organization released photos of the beached facility on two beaches last week. Hong Kong’s Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation is investigating the source of the installation.

A Belgian developer begins drilling wells to install geothermal heat pipes in Brooks
Property developer Steinoven and an undisclosed building contractor have begun drilling wells for a new thermal energy storage system in the historic Belgian city of Bruges.

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