March 22, 2023

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Mucormycosis, a dangerous “black fungus” that affects Govt-19 patients in India

  • Sudik Biswas
  • BBC News, Indian correspondent

Image source, Getty Images


Fungi of mucous membranes are commonly found in soil, plants, manure and decaying fruits and vegetables.

On Saturday morning, Dr Akshay Nair, an eye surgeon living in Bombay, prepared to operate on a 25-year-old woman who had recovered from a Kovit-19 infection three weeks ago.

Already in surgery, the diabetic was treated by an ear, nose and throat specialist.

The specialist inserted a tube into a nostril and removed the tissue affected by the myormomycosis, A rare fungal infection Y Dangerous Severely attacks the nose, eyes and sometimes the brain.

At that rate, a three-hour procedure will be followed, by Dr. Nair, to remove one eye.